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    • Welcome back to our withering refugee camp full of some demoralized fellas. Glad to see one of those ancients who once walked the lands with us sprout back to life. On more personal issues, I'm happy that you're thriving during this convoluted and confusing time - it's been a mess with me for my personal issues at home and some technical issues I'm having with my game and w/ some developmental areas of improvements, pparticularily with differential equations & abstract algebra, two foundational points for higher mathematics. I'm glad to see that you're running a RP server - when left unchecked, those can mutate into some permutation of.. distinct crimes against humanity. So be aware! As for me, I'm learning a novel conlang - i.e, a constructed language - a totally novel language where, instead of having grammar, vocabulary, tenses, and sounds being developed through the natural tumbling and fumbling of history, we develop them through conscious planning. What's the name, you ask? Well, it's name is Solresol, and due to my current lack of energy, I'll just copy and paste my answer I previously gave to those enquiring..  
    • i,, honestly can't believe it took me three entire years to remember this site, i am very sorry gjkhgfjhdf ANYWAY- how has everybody been doing? i mean, a lot can happen in just 3 years and yes, i read the future of dcc posts dw. me? i'm doing fine if you exclude the fact that i'm in high school and suffering through ap but that's ok! :))) sarcasm aside, i've actually been doing well lately though we are in the middle of a pandemic. i've been keeping myself busy on twitter and helping run a persona rp server on discord, and i may or may not accidentally fell into a hole known as the kpop hole more specifically bts also known as bangtan sonyeondan also known as bulletproof boyscouts also known as-  AHEM how have you been?
    • > kicKS DOWN DOOR KIM SEOKJIN IS MY DAD AND I LOVE HIM- anyway hi stream dynamite
    • I'm not American nor do I study in America so I'm not an expert in this. But I was interested in completing my undergrad in the US a few years ago and in my research, found out about a ton of scholarships available (based on SAT scores and/or GPA). Unfortunately, most of those weren't applicable to international students so I had no means of financing a US education. But maybe they might be a feasible option for you? (I'm assuming you're a US Citizen) Also some colleges offer need-blind aid to American citizens. 
    • Quarantine doesn't really exist here where I'm from anymore but we try our hardest to stay inside as often as we can. I picked up my old hobby of recording music again.