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    It's never easy to say goodbye
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    Happy Birthday Avani! Have an awesome day
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    Hey Kenzie! Congrats on the new role!
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    The story of Kaleb vs. Spambots continues.
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    Throwback music day.
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    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
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    happy birthday! 💕
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    Happy Birthday Kandis! Have a rad day
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!
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    happy birthday girly i love you
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    happy birthday archie
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    I love my profile right now. It's so cute!
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    I'm sorry I'm late, happy birthday Rebecca! You're still Member of the Month lol
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    Oops, forgot to post on your profile! Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday
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    Goodbye, Spammer Boy.
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    Happy birthday!
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    d d d d d david d d d d d david d d d d d david d d d d d david david david david the explorer
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    I'm running from time As a matter of fact I'm also running From a life that's sublime 'Cause I can't keep up I try and I try But I seem to fall down When the going gets rough
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    i like your profile picture