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    "Bob said "Hi" to Tom. Tom replied with the same. They looked at their left side and saw young Kiba trying to kill himself without anyone noticing. Since they thought that noticing him killing himself was bad manners, they looked away. The end." See? Easy.
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    Hey guys I am Rakesh. I am new to this forum. But you all know me right!!!!
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    Had such a long (and good) day
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    Cassie's week of overlapping semesters day 3 (due date! ):
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    My gf left me because of my orange drink addiction. She said, "Main tujhse Tang ho gayi hoon" Yeaaaaah that was for a limited audience sry
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    I want a copyright placed on xdxdxd Play Final Fantasy dimensions. I liked it.
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    OOOH A FORUM!!!! Hi, I'm Kaleb!
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    The topic was 'The one thing I couldn't live without' and here's what I wrote. THE ONE THING I COULD NOT DO WITHOUT The one thing I could not do without is the ability to write. In the twenty first century there are many luxuries and comforts available to us, such as televisions, computers and the internet. Writing may seem old fashioned, but it has been with us for millennia, and shaped our very existence as a civilization. If I had something on my mind, something interesting or unique, I’d be excited to tell someone about it. But what if I’m in a place where no one is interested? I’d have to do something about that sudden rush I had, at knowing something new, something fascinating. So I’d just write it down, on a piece of paper or in a notepad. Eventually, I’d have a notepad full of thoughts I had thought of, spanning multiple months or even years, and I could reflect upon it to see how I have changed, how my thoughts, personality and beliefs have changed. I do not know what I would do without the ability to write, to express myself in a way that doesn’t need social interaction. I don’t always have people willing to listen to me, and that is when I use this ability. Writing is the only way for me to leave my mark behind, because my words or thoughts may be forgotten, but the paper I write on will not. Even today, we preserve the writings of those whom we consider great, and without their writings we’d have nothing to consider them great. Writing is truly the greatest gift that we have. I lost by the way. Constructive criticism welcome.
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    HI GUYS! So, I've decided to try out a recipe from my FAVORITE EVER VIDEO GAME, Kingdom Hearts. The recipe is Sea Salt Ice Cream! Here's what the finished product is supposed to look like: OKAY SO... first step's first, make sure you're familiar with your ice cream maker's instructions! The instructions on my ice cream maker sound kind of complicated but I guess we'll figure it out as we go! FIRST STEP is to separate two eggs into two bowls. TBH this may be the hardest part. Here's a pretty cool method that I'm going to try out: http://www.geekychef.com/2009/01/sea-salt-ice-cream.html ^ There's the recipe I'm following. AND NOW I WAIT
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    I don't really cook or bake, but that's a really neat trick for separating a yoke from an egg white. That looks like a cool recipe.
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    Flying east this afternoon for a robotics event. So I probably wont be on much the next couple weeks
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    Good ol' Candy Crush. I'm addicted to it, lately.
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    Hey Rakesh. Welcome. Glad you could make it. Dr. Koothrappali?
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    Yo, if u wanna talk about sports, I'm always available. The teams in my about me are the ones I know most about.
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    I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me, pa-pa, pa-parazzi
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    Hi! Welcome to DCC!
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    Hey Rajesh! I thought u would never join.
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    Omg I loved that movie! It had a really good moral for the story plot and the characters were super funny and really enjoyable. I cried at the end
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    Hey there! I'm Ray. Nice to meet you!
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    Hai. I'm Archie. Welcome to DCC
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    Hey, welcome to DCC!
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    L I A M is a LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have not seen it. I usually don't watch kid's movies unless my little brother wants to watch it. And he didn't wanna watch it so I don't get to either. And I usually dent go out saying I want to watch a kid's movie. xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd
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    that would have been my reaction like lol you fell off the cliff, now we all can live in peace.
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    Here are all the windows emojies: ☺☹☝✌❤♣♥♠♦✂✒✉☎✏✉☎✏✂✒✈🅿⚠♨⚠♨✳☀✴☁❄❇♻⁉☑©⤵‼✖®✔™⤴〰〽↔↗↩⬅▫◻↕↘↪⬆▶◼↖↙➡⬇▪◀ℹ㊗🅱Ⓜ㊙🅾🅰🈂🈷 That took forever...
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    Ah yes, I love Markiplier!
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    Ive seen him play FNAF. lol hes hilarious.
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    one word daddy. enough said
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    Idk, Better Trump than Clinton Now that I think about it, I should be taking a celebrity, or even better, The Doctor! He could get us off the island easy and plus he's cute so bonus.
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    He made me fall in love with FNAF..
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    Oh, man, that guy. He's hilarious.
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    I'm pretty sure everyone on this forum knows my name so... My name is Bobella.
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    I have a major crush on the dude. He is freaking awesome.
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    not funny but still..
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