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  1. Light


    Personally, as far as organization and time management goes, I really recommend getting an app on your phone for taking notes and making a to-do list. I personally use Google Keep but if you have an iPhone you could just use the notes app on that. Calendars are great too! I've never been one for physical note-taking, or even physical calendars, but I find that using apps for all those things makes my life monumentally easier. It's actually life-changing and I don't say this lightly!
  2. Light


    I watched a great video by CGP Grey about how new years resolutions are usually ineffective and you should try implementing a 'theme of the year' instead. It's a subtle but important distinction that really helped me work on what I want to do without making it a goal that I felt bad for not making progress on. I'm not sure if external links are allowed here but you can go to his channel and find it, it's PG and everything.
  3. ahhh my first quarter is already over college is great i joined cpi before high school started wow throwback

    1. Shawnic


      Yeah, damn. This community has been a part of such a big chunk of my life. Almost 35%!

    2. Teddykat


      Yeah it's amazing this community is even still around! LIKE WOWW

  4. Matt

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday man! Have a good one!

  6. This is really ambitious stuff! I'm interested to see how it'll pan out in the coming months.
  7. I spent my day watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and then started 3 but got sleepy 20min in so went and took a nap. Then woke up at 7:30pm when I finally got off my ass and took a shower. In my defense, my arm has been broken and in a sling for a week so my day gets a bit slower and a LOT more boring 🤷‍♂️

    update: just finished watching Pirates 3

  8. I'm starting college next month in Cali. I think I want to establish myself, get to know a lot of people and be really social, and keep up a high GPA. Definitely want to do lots of clubs and activities too. I'm excited! I also have to try and transfer my major to Computer Science which can be tricky where I'm going. But all in all it's a really beautiful, prestigious place and I'm still a little bit in shock that I even got in to begin with! I actually got in off the waitlist and it practically changed my life since I'd already committed to another university but everything changed when this a
  9. is it just me or is the F to pay respects reaction the same font as the Fortnite logo

    1. Teddykat


      not really lol

    2. Shawnic


      For legal reasons, I have to say no.

  10. heeEEYYY sickbois hows it going. its YA BOI. freed from the pressure of exams, i have become an unstoppable demonic force. and kinda chubby. PM me for a chat if any of y'all wanna catch up! (or IG DM for those who have me on there lol)

  11. This new theme makes me gag, it's too pink and I'm too single :/ it's so annoying tho that I've always broken up in December (just incidentally) and so I'm always single on the V-Day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯