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  1. dropped by here today! I might come back after my exams finish, which would be in a month's time. I can't stay for long right now because I actually have sort of a deadline to catch, but I was looking through a thread (Grant's) and saw some usernames that rung a few bells. Funny, familiar, forgotten feelings, eh? (Remind me to finally give that song a listen... In a month's time... Whoever's still here). I had a rather melancholic thought: from all we've grown from since CPI days and how the world's changed and everything, seeing the inactivity reminds me of the futility we feel from trying to keep alive something that seems to have long left, and maybe that applies to a few other aspects of life and human relationships. 

    A little town with inhabitants grown and gone from it, a few coming back every now and then from their adventures out in the world to leave messages made of torn out paper from the corners of notebooks, pasting them on the bulletin board in the town square to at least keep the knowledge of what once was alive, to whoever might come to read it.