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    1. Happy birthday Khushiiii <3

      1. Freedom


        😂I'm so late,but thanks!!!!

    2. hi!

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      2. Liberty


        honestly just tryna survive lol

      3. Freedom


        I know well enough the depth of emotions you gotta feel to deliver that kind of a sentence ,I totally relate.😂

      4. Liberty


        yeah dude. life is hard sometimes lol 

    3. Haven't seen you in awhile! How's it going?

      1. Freedom



      2. Freedom


        What about you??


      3. Gramps


        Doing good! Jamming out to some great music...

    4. Freedom

      Wattpad Book Suggestions

      Through your eyes. (you will love it even more if you're interested in poetry and stuff.) The astronomy tower. Catching Genesis. Bound.
    5. Freedom

      Post your quotes here.

    6. Freedom

      Post your quotes here.

    7. Hey

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      2. Chaos


        me neither

        for not coming in on thursday

        or just for not talking to me in general haha

      3. Archie


        pretty busy atm

        ill only be able to come in jan now, sorry

      4. Chaos
    8. Didn't go to school today...

      1. Agent P

        Agent P

        Our dussera holidays started hahahahahahhaha

      2. Archie


        I was bored :((

      3. Agent P
    9. Freedom

      What if we all actually ended up meeting each other in real life?

      I was thinking about this the other day.....and I think it'll be amazing if we all meet up somewhere,though I may pass out due to excitement..
    10. Freedom

      Personality test: What do you see?

      If you imagined white, fluffy clouds, it means who have many things yet to discover in life - you aspire to live a long, fulfilling life. You have ambitions and dreams which you insist on following to have a happy life.
    11. And the sad part is that I think maybe I don't have a really good memory to choose from but at the same time there were too many times I felt as if i am the happiest person on earth