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    1. Happy birthday Kaleb!!! 🎉🎉🎉
    2. What sort of go to meals or snacks have you guys been eating while in quarantine? Have any good recipes you want to share? I've been making my own version of "eggs in a basket." I take a slice of sourdough bread, tear a hole in the middle, butter the slice on both sides, throw it on a pan and fry an egg in the middle. While the egg is frying I'll add cheese and seasonings to the top and then flip the whole thing over once the bottom of the egg is done frying, that way the rest of the egg and the cheese all fries together and it's so good
    3. Yo happy birthday!!!
    4. Yeah it can be hard to find motivation to focus on things with everything going on. And I've been doing well in quarantine, now that I'm on summer break I've found it more challenging to manage my time well, but I've been thriving for the most part. I do miss being able to hangout with people though
    5. Whoa this is so good! This is so eloquent and profound. How are you doing?
    6. image.png

      I made this meme for you! Happy birthday Kenzie!! Thanks for all you do for this community, it definitely wouldn't be the same without you. We all really appreciate your dedication and sense of humor! 

      1. Shawnic


        Stop passing gifts of the French as your own, Evan! XD 

      2. Liberty


        thank you evan!! 

      3. Echo


        Wait but that's in English not French @Shawnic

    7. The server is great! Thanks for setting it up @Conan Edogawa!
    8. What games have you guys been playing during quarantine? I've never been much for online card games, but I've found myself playing Dominion online quite a bit (particularly with my girlfriend now that we're a few thousand miles away). It's pretty fun to play with groups of friends https://dominion.games/ I also just bought a JackBox games party pack that I'm hoping to play with a group friends once I work out the screen sharing with audio
    9. I've been doing lots of homework and online classes, but I've also taken to practicing the ukulele daily (shutout Fender, they're giving free guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons for 3 months!) my fingertips are pretty sore now haha. Also been trying to read more books and learn Flutter
    10. Wow is that a GIF keyboard?!Tim And Eric Omg GIF

    11. Echo