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    1. Echo


    2. Happy birthday Kaleb!!! We love you Kaleb and we're so thankful for you and everything you've done for this community! We wanted to celebrate you on your special day this year, so @AJ Mysterio designed a new special theme just for you @Gramps! So if you want to give any gifts, compliments, favorite stories, cold hard cash, or anything else to Kaleb for his birthday, this is the thread to do it! woow more scrolling text! I'm not very artistic so I just make things move around
    3. Echo


      lol I was referring to the staff team being mods on CPI, now admins on DCC Reading my old posts is always so cringy
    4. hey evan whats up

      1. Echo


        Hey This is what's up

      2. Liberty
    5. Echo


      I'll be working full time, on that grind for college money.Also taking a full stack web development course and trying to study the Bible deeper while maintaining a solid community and social life. Plus a bunch of other stuff, but these are some of the big ones.
    6. I've never been to a real concert... perks of living on a rock in the middle of the ocean I guess
    7. Cool thing happened while flying home, I was supposed to fly from San Jose with a layover in Seattle, but Delta overbooked the flight to Seattle, so they ended up flying me first class (for free) to LA, where I had my layover and flew home from there. I ended up getting home at almost the exact time I was supposed to originally, plus I got a $500 voucher out of it! 

    8. Hello there

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      2. Artistical


        Psh, nonsense. It was funny seeing that you Rickroll'd everyone every year since 2016.

      3. Echo


        Yeah I honestly forgot about that lol

      4. Artistical


        You've used it about 4-5 times! :P  RickRoll'd me for all of them.

    9. LOL, I get Rickrolled when I visit your profile and also your reputation says you are "Groovy" XD 

      1. Echo


        Haha perfect

    10. Echo Echo

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      2. Teddykat


        Man I just got April fooled cause I thought that was Kass

      3. Echo



      4. Teddykat


        *Exposed Exposed

    11. Echo

      42: a fUN gAmE

      I have a fun game for everyone! The first person to unzip every file in this zipped folder wins!! To unzip you'll probably need the password, which is the answer to life, the universe, and everything: 42 Here're a few tips for winning and making sure everyone has a great time playing! 42.zip <--click there to download
    12. LET'S BOOGIE!!!!!


    13. I think this new theme even beats the ugliness of StackOverflow's April Fool's theme

      1. Gramps


        Lol I noticed that one earlier today. So 90's bro.

    14. Honestly the invisible links are probably the most annoying thing