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  1. happy birthday i miss you

  2. hi i miss you and wish we could talk again

  3. Happy Birthday! Did you know that 20 is the number of faces on an icosahedron?


  4. happy birthday <3

  5. Ruby come backkk

  6. I like bio and my bio teacher (thank goodness). I like chem but not really my teacher. And I liked learning history but had a horrible teacher so I didn't take anymore history courses after that year. I don't know if this counts as academics but I liked nutrition. I wish I can take one next year but I have no space in my timetable
  7. Ruby

    Rio 2016

    I've been watching too. I watched gymnastics, diving, swimming, and track and field events. I also wanted to watch weightlifting but missed a lot of that I think. I like watching those I mostly because I watched them when I was younger with my grandma. I don't really cheer for anyone haha I just like watching it and usually would have someone who I like better
  8. Ruby

    Ruby is Here

    Hi Alyssa! And Kaleb hi! Nice to see all of you
  9. Ruby


    Grade 12 too here and not really looking forward to having no personal time, just really focusing on work. Ugh I will have to write the SATs again in case I go to the US and application so stressful. At least I have an online class so I don't have to go to actual school first period and sleep in. I just don't really want to think about school
  10. Ruby

    Ruby is Here

    Thanks everyone for the welcome Yeah I was most active around 2011 and 2012 so before you joined haha.
  11. Hi. I'm Batman but don't tell @Grant because he thinks he's Batman. :P


    Jk. Welcome. 

    1. Ruby


      Haha thanks! :D 

  12. You're Asian?

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    2. Archie


      I'm using Human Japanese 

      It's pretty good 

    3. Agent P

      Agent P

      I just realised that I had spelled tonals as totals

    4. Ruby


      Thanks guys haha I'm downloading memrise. Yeah I think I got bored of talk to me in korean that's one of the reasons why. It'll be cool to learn japanese too.