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  1. say Hi below if you see this lol.

  2. I didn't realise Pain was only a Chunin

  3. Hi shawn! How’s it going? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shawnic


      did you come online because of the DM? or did you just happen to login at the same time as me lol

    3. Liberty


      I just happened to log on at the same time lol. I haven't been on in years 

    4. Shawnic


      ahaha perfect timing

  4. I miss this place and the friends I made here.💔  I wish I could turn back time  

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    2. Conan Edogawa

      Conan Edogawa

      Heyyy, Kanad! Thought you were gone for good. Glad to see you're back.

    3. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      Man I honestly grew up on CP/CPI/DCC. Y'all made me


    4. Shawnic


      same bro @AJ Mysterio

      also i finally watched Naruto and all the DPs etc from CPI finally make sense lol

  5. i don't have a dog

    i am sadness

    1. Shawnic


      Is this in reply to something or just you being you? XD

      Also, good to know you're still alive lol

  6. First post of 2021 I guess

  7.  Mangekyō Sharingan 😮

  8. Does anyone here play Stardew Valley or Terraria? Or wants to play these games?

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    2. Shawnic


      What about Minecraft, my dude? @Archduke Waffle

    3. Archduke Waffle

      Archduke Waffle

      Minecraft is fun! I recently joined a realm with a few folks.


    4. Shawnic


      Nice, nice. It would be fun to play with everyone on DCC

  9. I need exactly 4000 more likes for it to be nice lol

    1. Archie



      good luck getting there


    1. Archie



    2. Is It Really Necessary

      Is It Really Necessary

      OYA OYA OYA OYA OYA bokuto help

    3. Shawnic
  11. Posting a status update so the feed is not all dominated by @Liberty lol

    1. Liberty
    2. Shawnic


      I hadn't refreshed my tab - didn't see Archie's post lol