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  1. i have no idea who is STILL alive on this site but,,

    hello,, it's yukiko,,,, i forgot that i'm here,,,,,,,, stopped by to say: feel free to ask me for my discord or twitter since i'm more active there

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    2. Shawnic


      Hey Yukiko, welcome back!

      We actually have a DCC Discord server, you might want to join :) 

    3. melodicVoice


      a discord server you say??

      i was thinking about dming my user but you can quickly slide into my dms here with the invite link (unless there’s already a post with said invite)

    4. Conan Edogawa

      Conan Edogawa

      Hey Yukiko, I've sent ya an invite to our Discord Server(admittedly it was established a little while after the establishment of this refugee camp..) in a private DM that I've inconspicuously slid in. Come, come!

  2. i,, honestly can't believe it took me three entire years to remember this site, i am very sorry gjkhgfjhdf ANYWAY- how has everybody been doing? i mean, a lot can happen in just 3 years and yes, i read the future of dcc posts dw. me? i'm doing fine if you exclude the fact that i'm in high school and suffering through ap but that's ok! :))) sarcasm aside, i've actually been doing well lately though we are in the middle of a pandemic. i've been keeping myself busy on twitter and helping run a persona rp server on discord, and i may or may not accidentally fell into a hole known as the kpop
  3. melodicVoice


    > kicKS DOWN DOOR KIM SEOKJIN IS MY DAD AND I LOVE HIM- anyway hi stream dynamite
  4. Hey, happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Yukiko! Have a great day! 

  6. Thanks guys. I would join the Hangouts chat but right now I don't get notifs from it for some reason, I'm using Discord because of that and Hangouts became too laggy for me.
  7. Thank god that I made this account during winter break

  8. *lOUD COUGHING-* If anybody recognize me from my icon for now then you must remember that I used to be on CPI. If you don't know who I am, I was known as Yukiko and I was a member of CPI which most of us migrated from. Don't expect me to be active as much as I was back there because I'm still busy with life and I'm still doing role plays on G+. So, I guess I should talk more about myself to people who doesn't know me. The ones who knew me called me Yuki but I guess I should reveal my actual nickname, my nickname is Cara and I only reveal my real name to people I trust. If y