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  1. A new Paper Mario game for the Switch was revealed today! This topic is for general discussion and maybe some gushing over the origami artstyle because i kinda really like it
  2. Finally finished the rest of the star wars movies. So uh.. ye lol

  3. Seriously the only thing that keeps me remembering what day it is anymore is Animal Crossing lol

    1. Chaos


      hey guys tom nook here on a beautiful sunday afternoon

      me: it's SUNDAY?

  4. Discuss the crossing of animals on the Nintendo Switch™ video game console. Keep it civil, dont ask about turnip prices every single day. If your turnips are over 100 bells you can say so, but its not required keep furniture trading to dms maybe too. This is more of a place to just discuss events and show off your town
  5. Uh hi lol It's been about a year or two idk lol. I haven't used this in ages. 

  6. Hey girl!

    1. Joni


      oh heck people still use this >.> hai


  7. Quack

    Happy birthday!

  8. happy birthday 

  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday! You should come back!

  11. Happy birthday :)

  12. Happy birthday!

  13. I have returned from the depths!