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  1. A new Paper Mario game for the Switch was revealed today! This topic is for general discussion and maybe some gushing over the origami artstyle because i kinda really like it
  2. Finally finished the rest of the star wars movies. So uh.. ye lol

  3. Seriously the only thing that keeps me remembering what day it is anymore is Animal Crossing lol

    1. Chaos


      hey guys tom nook here on a beautiful sunday afternoon

      me: it's SUNDAY?

  4. Discuss the crossing of animals on the Nintendo Switch™ video game console. Keep it civil, dont ask about turnip prices every single day. If your turnips are over 100 bells you can say so, but its not required keep furniture trading to dms maybe too. This is more of a place to just discuss events and show off your town
  5. Uh hi lol It's been about a year or two idk lol. I haven't used this in ages. 

  6. I have returned from the depths!

  7. Probably a dead post but I really got into it recently. I play sm4sh and brawl. My mains in 4 are Cloud, Palutena, Charizard, and Mega Man. In Brawl I like using Snake and Pokemon Trainer.
  8. I came back for my bday. Will probably check in everyday or so.

  9. I stubbed my toe today, but didn't realize it until I looked down like an hour later. Didn't even hurt, but it was bleeding.

  10. Cartoon Network: How can we appeal to other audiences while also striking controversy?

    Smart person @ CN: How about we air something that isn't pure trash

    CN: Nah bro.

    Dumb person @ CN: What if we add another powerpuff girl?


    Dumb person @ CN: What if we make her another race entirely even though it makes no sense?


    Smart person @ CN: *Facepalm*

  11. Just gonna leave this here 


    1. Candy


      Oh my god I remember this - not the original - but wow, what a memory! 


  12. Yeah. 2018 release confirmed!
  13. I can't wait for this Saturday for the new kh III trailer.
  14. THIS GAME !!!!!


    1. Aarone



      Miles just shoved me over the edge at 1 billion mph

  15. "Do you know the name Sora mean the “sky”, in japanese and Noctis, his family name is Caelum which mean sky as well so basically, Noctis mean “night sky”, so they are kind of complete opposites to each other. There is a reason why I named these characters as opposites" -Tetsuya Nomura. I swear if Noct is in KH III I may just die of a heart attack, at least I'd die happy.
  16. I've only played XV, but it was amazing. Hope to get World of FF and maybe the FFVII Remake when it comes out.
  17. Recently finished all of them (except CoM.) Best games I've played in a long time. One thing I have noticed, is that a lot of the merch is rather expensive. I just looked. A KH III Sora action figure is $150. Guess I should start saving my money.

  19. Donkey Kong is best sm4sh character. HNI_0040.JPG

  20. Making a thing. Might be done tonight, might not be.

    1. Joni


      Definitely not tonight.

  21. Shiny Charm. Makes Shinys easier to find. No luck so far. Only shiny I got this game was a Vullaby from an egg when I was doing the pokedex.
  22. So a certain trainer you fight postgame just ate my team. In other news I completed the Alola dex.
  23. Yeah. Maybe this was animated by the same company.