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  1. Is this a newer version of IPB? Because honestly the look reminds me of the much older version from CPI.

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    2. Echo


      Hey! Are you using the old school skin?

    3. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      It's the same version (well, with some small updates) but the default skin.

      Good to see you online!

    4. Gramps


      Hey @Frog_LQ -- Still IPB 4, but upgraded to patch security vulnerabilities and add some new functionality (such as the Clubs). The default theme now is also based on CPI.

  2. If you can't upgrade from 7 I recommend switching to Linux. I'm on 10 myself right now though i also use Linux frequently. If you're that worried about privacy issues you really just shouldn't use Windows or even Apple at all.
  3. Weddings, travel, projects, work, Cyber Defense team. It'll be like now but without homework.
  4. I've been on 10 for a while now. The older 7 gets the more security risks it's going to have, so I like to keep everything up to date. If I can't get a Widows upgrade for a 7 machine at this point, I'm going to switch it over to a current Linux distribution.
  5. Depends on if you mean with grades or just how much stress it causes. If it's the latter: Anything that heavily involves writing.
  7. Washing an old person
  8. It would be interesting to go back to my old CPI days and see what I've forgotten about what it was like then.
  9. You're confusing the meaning of the terms here. Introvert doesn't mean someone who's not social or shy. There can be many very social outgoing introverts. The introvert part is simply how one process those interactions and how they effect one's energy. No one leans totally to one side or the other either, we have both these traits in different amounts. Personality Page describes these traits in such a way: Judging in personality types also doesn't mean judgmental in the same way you're using it there. Judging in this sense is the act o analyzing information and organizing it in
  10. I'm actually hearing it runs better on the WiiU.
  11. Just ordered the game for pickup tomorrow (WiiU version).