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    Stray Kids, Ikon, VAV, Day6, NCT, Seventeen, BTS, IZ, Red Velvet, Black Pink, Twice, ANY KPOP GROUP TBH JUST HIT ME UP.

    Panic at the Disco, Linkin Park, Lil Peep, Lil Xan, Three Days Grace, System of a Down, A Day to Remember, etc. 5sos for life

    Shane, Dan and Phil, Ryland, Morgan, Andrew, The Sister Squad, tbh any youtuber.

    Supernatural, the Walking Dead, Stranger Things, IT, Star Wars, any marvel movie, tbh anything nerdy/geeky.
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    Cherries and Watermelons, they cross pollinate, ya know.

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  1. my fine child how are you

    1. Liberty


      I'm doing ok. stressed out. you?

  2. Liberty

    Candy's art

  3. Liberty

    2020 Kpop

    they definitely delivered
  4. What do you all think of the update? 

    1. Jake1702


      Dark themes still broke :(

    2. Liberty


      Yeah.. I've been working on that lately. can you send me the issues you've been having and ill work on it?

    3. Shawnic


      Feels so much cleaner

  5. helo

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Liberty


      love that idea 

    3. Jake1702


      You have the power... to make it happen.

    4. Liberty


      True true

  6. Hello everyone!

  7. Liberty

    2020 Kpop

    Stray Kids didn't dissapoint
  8. Hello all, as many of you may know, Kaleb has stepped down from site ownership. This was for no reason other than, Kaleb is advancing in his life and needed to focus more on his personal life and not on the site. He will still be a member of the site and of course, the new staff and I wish the best for him in his new life advancements. I am now the owner of the site. This was selected through a vote conducted by the prior staff. I know change is scary, but I will do my best to listen to everyone's opinions and ideas and try to make this site the best it can be. The new staff and I are al
  9. Happy birthday abhi