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    1. i am all moved into my apartment!!

    2. happy birthday girly <3 i love you <3 

      1. Blaze


        thank you!! <3<3<3 

    3. happy birthday archie <3 

      1. Archie


        Thanks Kenzie! <3

    4. Hey Kenzie! Congrats on the new role!

      1. Liberty


        omg thank you <3 same to you on yours :) 

    5. rosettaroses, good to see you online!

    6. I love my profile right now. It's so cute!

    7. Liberty

      Boys vs. Girls

    8. Liberty

      New School Year

      Good luck!
    9. Liberty

      Staff Shakeup (Volunteers Needed!)

      so excited for the future of dcc!!
    10. hi!

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      2. Liberty


        honestly just tryna survive lol

      3. Freedom


        I know well enough the depth of emotions you gotta feel to deliver that kind of a sentence ,I totally relate.😂

      4. Liberty


        yeah dude. life is hard sometimes lol 

    11. Liberty

      New School Year

      Hey everyone! Here in the US, we are approaching a new school year. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but every school year, I set new goals and hopes for myself and for the new school year. So my question is, what are your new goals or hopes for this new school year? If you’re not in school or have already been in a new school year for a while, what have been some recent goals or hopes of yours? My goals are to make straight A’s, figure out what I want to major in for sure, and to grow my club I am president of at school! A hope of mine is to be happy and make lots of new friends that will last a lifetime!
    12. Liberty

      What song are you listening to?

      Playing With Fire by: BLACKPINK
    13. Liberty

      Boys vs. Girls

    14. Happy Birthday 

      1. Teddykat


        Thank you Lib :)

    15. Liberty

      Spam Bot Attack

      You rock!