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    1. because i can’t put this in its topic, this just happened: “Amiga how do i turn my camera off? do i press the end button??” -kass

      1. Liberty


        she just got a new phone and is a grandma with it already 

    2. happy birthday amiga <3

    3. happy birthday i miss you

    4. Oh my gosh guys!! Don’t you just love Felix’s part in Gods Menu?? WHAT A LEGEND!!! 

      1. Savage Rxse

        Savage Rxse

        Felix might be my bias after it 😱

      2. Liberty


        Chan’s part is great too. and hyunjin. but felixs part has been really messing with me lately 

      3. Savage Rxse

        Savage Rxse

        They're all great 

    5. Hey Shawn! If you could check your discord messages that would be great

    6. Everyone please message me when you see this, staff or not.

      1. ROSE


        Can’t send 


    7. Did you all know that a jaguar is about the same size as a 6 foot tall man???


      1. Savage Rxse

        Savage Rxse

        That's so interesting. We're such animal activists! 

    8. More and More is stuck in my head 

    9. Went on a really fun trip yesterday 

    10. I didn't know you biased Jungkook :) 

      1. Blaze


        Jungkook is my third husband!

    11. Wow, Blanket! Your profile looks so nice! :) You did a great job setting it up, I love your aesthetic. 

      1. Blaze


        Thank you! My friend helped me decide on it!

    12. Traveling tomorrow! Super excited!

    13. Hey Kaleb!

      1. Gramps


        I'm not drunk ur drunk