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  1. lyrical i swear the more places i can publicly say i freaking love you the better. you are a literal angel and i heart your face so much it's ridiculous. i stan a multifandom cpop loving QUEEN. you're welcome for this pic btw. it's totally and completely necessary and relevant to this topic LMAO.
  2. kpoptartTM


    LuHan never ceases to surprise me. Everytime I hear his music I love it and I'm like....LuHan. stop. lol EXO ofc isn't the same without him but I'm really happy that he's gone out and made it on his own successfully.
  3. i heart ya'll more. i love how strongly you care for your groups and your biases and how you stan so proudly and will let everyone know how you feel without being afraid you guys make me so happy to be a fan alongside you!
  4. Hey! Welcome to DCC :) 

  5. coward! lmao. but u right u right. both is acceptable
  6. I don't even know what to think. #stanwayv Lucas with dark hair will be my cause of death.
  7. oi oi hello! my name is rae and I swear i'm a grownup dislikes: using capital letters, antis, anyone who thinks that fangirling is for for kids, autocorrect likes: wine, kpop, my best friends, more kpop, lots more wine, namjoon, reading, memes, jungkook I'm into all sorts of things, love to keep things interesting. Hit me up if you wanna know more. currently learning Korean and graphic design, good times. much love to staff member Liberty for the invite
  8. kpoptartTM


    omg your signature i love it so much ajdfsadlfkjds uwu winwin
  9. kpoptartTM


    NCT? who? i only know WAYV. jk. stan both! it's a win-win.
  10. my source of happiness.

    7-29-2018 5957567.gif

  11. i agree wholeheartedly. kpop wakes me up every morning and soothes me to sleep at night.
  12. **CALLING ALL STANS!!!!!!!!** Don't be afraid to embrace your love of kpop....stand up for your obsession. Spread the good word to all the peoples brothers and sisters! lol kpop is nothing to be afraid of, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. STAN PROUD. stanning doesn't make you a koreaboo or anything negative. you like good music. you're idols are super cute and hilarious. anyone who doesn't like it can lick lint. also, stan twitter is a tool. not a weapon. #stanSKZ #streamEXO #stanITZY #chunghaisQUEEN #stanTXTforclearskin #stanWAYV #linesforwinwin Love, You
  13. kpoptartTM