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  1. heheheh I am sorry you couldn't see the gifs. I am happy that Nine Percent showed you their cool moves. thanks love :))) and he does make me uwu a lot!
  2. Hello and welcome!

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      Hello, and thank you so much

  3. Hello!

    Welcome to DCC! :)

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      Hello, thank you so much :)

  4. Thank you Rae for being such an angel in my life every day that is possible I cried reading this and I truly admire you in ways. And thank you Gramps, I already posted in C-Pop section hehehe. Thank you for an amazing site btw.
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    I got to collect the Luhan content for you soon because I saw him made a watch and he looked happy it was super good. I am happy for Luhan.
  6. Thank you doll for showing me the fun!
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    He is doing very well in China. His smile is so radiance now it is almost like heaven is singing around his presence.
  8. This is such a beautiful thing. I love how you empathized to embrace fans to not be hidden from who they love, idolize and enjoy souls they stan. I heart you.
  9. hello, hello! I am Lyric but you can call me Lyrica or whichever nickname you prefer for me. I am a deaf girl and she is proud of her deafness. (Deaf in one ear since birth, owns two hearing aid) Very multifandom in C-Pop, K-Pop. (I have become the Blanche *referring from The Golden Girls Characters* of multi-fandom enjoyment) I am shaking disorder survivor (tmi: the original name is tremors but I gave it a name to feel more close to my condition) I love doing editing, listening to smooth jazz, R&B, likes to make a lot of happy souls happy in my free time. I hope I
  10. Hello, there. You're probably wondering who is Lin Yanjun. Well, you came into the right place to learn about Lin Yanjun. Lin Yanjun is the guy I idolize so much because of his presence, his grace, his talents made me learn so much about why he grasped my interest. Around last year it was around the early time of 2018 where I was randomly browsing and his face appeared. I had no idea who he was at first until I learned he was an idol from China, a member of Nine Percent and he came into my life so amazingly I am very grateful for that. Yanjun made me smile a lot during my hard time of sh
  11. Hey! Welcome to DCC :)