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    1. anyone online hmu

    2. Ria

      Candy's art

      i second that also just wow i know I've said this before but i'm gonna say it once more , these are goals af @Artistical
    3. Dead poets society is officially my favourite movie ever

      oh btw happy independence day y'all

      1. Archie


        Happy independence day!

    4. Ria

      Once Upon a Time

      Yeah up to season 5 it was really good and I couldn't get myself to finish the show. I'm probably in season 7
    5. Trippy wallpaper

      1. Ria


        ayy thanks i was about to change it tho ;D

    6. Ria


    7. Grant

      Happy birthday

      1. Ria


        Thanks thanks thanks thanks 

    8. Why do people always ask for advice and then ignore it. Smh. 

      1. Show previous comments  2 more
      2. Ria


        Well yeah I agree with that obviously and I guess I should've probably phrased my words better to Express that situation but I'm half asleep at the moment so chuck. 😂

      3. Artistical


        Maybe people are exploring options and want to see how the other feels about a situation. It sounds reassuring when someone else knows what they’re talking about. Later, they make up their mind based off of what they were presented with. 

      4. Chaos


        because even if it's good advice

        people probably end up doing what they really wanted to eventually

    9. Ria

      Candy's art

      You definitely should, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU PAINT NEXT (IM OFFICIALLY A FAN) and plus seeing other people's work inspires me to do my best as well. Oh I'm not as great as you are but I will post them here one day. Probably after my exams get over.