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  1. It feels nice to be happy with my life for once. <3

  2. We love ones that try too hard. 😂

  3. stan ikon for clear skin

  4. My goals are definitely to become the best me I can. A better friend, a better student, more adventurous.. Find a good balance between thinking of myself and the others in my life as well.
  5. Just wanted to say thank you for being apart of the team, and I support your decision! I wish you luck in the future, love. 💗

    1. Candy


      Thank you, I appreciate your understanding. Sending you loads of love <3

  6. With all due respect, isn't fish technically meat though?
  7. Well, actually they're green. Just called white grapes. Also I just remembered I also had a green apple just add to it.
  8. Hello! Welcome to DCC! If you need any help or guidance, we have an awesome staff and many members (including myself) to ask or just chat. :)

  9. I didn't have a lunch, but I had a huge breakfast since I stayed the last night at my best friend's house. That consisted of bacon, a fried bologna and egg sandwich, cottage cheese and white grapes. She spoils me
  10. Blaze

    Stray Kids

    The group that probably made me realize how great K-Pop can be
  11. you wouldn't hurt one with glasses would you?
  12. One of my worst fears in general is to develop sleep paralysis. There's been several times where I'm scared to death to even fall asleep because I think about the possibility of my body just physically shutting down. I still can't fall asleep on my back. Because I'm afraid if I do, it'll happen. I've woken up on my back before, but have never fell asleep during since. Always on my side. I think I do have a small story on how it almost happened though. I do remember one time I came really close to falling asleep, and then I heard various mumbling whispers in my ear, causing me to auto
  13. Hello there, JD! Welcome to DCC! I also enjoy The Walking Dead and video games myself. And I'm also bad at introductions so it's okay. I hope you enjoy it here, there's a bunch of people like our staff and other members (including myself of course) that would love to answer your questions or just chat!
  14. Blaze

    Hey there! Welcome to DCC! Hope you have a great time here, the staff and members (myself included) here are friendly and would love to answer any questions you may have or just chat! :)

  15. Three Days Grace remains one of my most favorite hard rock bands. I don't think anyone can replace Adam, the whole band is just not the same without him. However, that being said, I also really like Matt. His voice can be heart-wrenching, and it's overall amazing. I have equal respect for both.
  16. As far as I know, with a possible exception to this one, I'm free on Fridays. I'm open on this weekend as well! I'm CST by the way
  17. I honestly love how both of the drawings that you posted are mine I had such incredible fun on both nights! While I missed CAH on the second night, we were able to still play TOS and CAH for a little bit as well on the first night! I've never played CAH with friends before, barely by myself, so it was so entertaining. And the was a lot of fun too, my drawings mostly sucked but I just went absolutely bonkers with the guesses because I was tired and so into the mood. And of course, me and @AJ Mysterio's fellow love for Eminem being surfaced during Karaoke time. I, at first, w
  18. Hi Cassie! It's great to see you on :) How've you been? ❤️

    1. Country Gal Forever

      Country Gal Forever

      Hey Blaze! It's nice to stop by for a little bit and hear from everyone! I've been great lately, how are you?

  19. Only Eminem can bring a bunch of people to rap a song together 😜 @AJ Mysterio @David @Ferbbat101

    1. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      Truer words have never been spoken

  20. No, you have some great choices! Avenged Sevenfold is another one of my favorites! And believe me, Asking Alexandria puts on one hell of a show! I saw them last year with BVB and blessthefall, and the whole concert was awesome!
  21. If you listen to genres like rock and/or metal, what bands/artists are you into? It don't matter what kind, as long as what they make apply to the genre in any way, it counts. Pop punk/punk rock can also be mentioned here! This is genres that I'm absolutely obsessed with, it's one of my favorites to this day. While I'm more on the hard rock era, I can also go for a more mellow alternative. With my fellow favorites being (but not limited to) Starset, Black Veil Brides, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Halestorm, Red and Evanescence. Feel free to post who you like, I al
  22. We're on a baby hunt, and don't think we don't know how to WEEEED them out!