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    1. 54 days which is an achievement.. (I only have 6 streaks & have told my friends that if they send me a black screen saying ‘streak’ I’m breaking it off with them. I like my snaps to be meaningful and with people I genuinely want to keep in touch with but am too lazy to text ))
    2. Maintaining streaks on Snapchat is such an effort .

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      2. Grant
      3. Quack


        then there's that one day when you forget but happen to remember at 11:59 PM so you frantically rush to your phone and hope to send streaks quickly with 5 seconds to spare

      4. SeedlingxD


        @Teddykat I just maintain them so it saves me from texting the person (I’m such a lazy texter). 

        @Quack literally me always 

    3. This day has gone so fast

      1. Teddykat


        My WEEK has gone so fast

    4. The last movie I watched was “split” and it was amazing. I definitely recommend watching it if you haven’t
    5. Hey Seedling, good to see you online! How have you been lately?

      1. SeedlingxD


        Hey, I’ve been good thanks! How have you been? Apologies for the late reply, just been busy with uni 🙂

    6. This used to happen to me multiple times a week back in highschool, when my anxiety was at its worst. It was horrible but it was a daily reoccurrence and I was always expecting it to occur every night. Sometimes it would happen multiple times a night (It lasted a month). Thankfully it rarely happens now and I still sleep on my back. The way I used to cope with it was to not fight it and to not try and “get up” out of bed. I would try and remain calm. Focusing on my breathing always helped me and Some other methods but I’m too lazy to type it all lol.
    7. I dislike Valentine’s Day and my bf thought I was lying and he ended up surprising me. I’m not being ungrateful... but Valentine’s Day is just pointless! I just consider it as a normal day, i don’t understand this hype 🤭

      1. Teddykat


        Well people don't usually give flowers and send gifts everyday.. So Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate your loved ones :P Sure you can still do so on their birthday or just on any random day, but Valentine's Day has a different feel to it, or a different sort of atmosphere lol.

        I'm not a big fan of all the pink and sweetheart stuff either, but like... why not have a holiday to just LOVE PEOPLE XD

        Even if it makes all the loners like me feel bad

    8. Like 7/8 hours, it varies.. sometimes more sometimes less.. (I was just on FaceTime for 3 hours ) Anyways, this time also includes watching TV shows/ YouTube and my work) I’ve cut down going on my phone throughout the day (as this was one of my New Years resolutions), I just go on my laptop a lot because of uni work. I prefer everything typed up and.....this semester I have 3 assignments (so my screen time will probably increase because of this)
    9. I have the most painful hiccups ever and I can’t sleep because of them

      1. Agent P

        Agent P

        That sucks :/ how did you deal with them?

      2. Archie


        Try to hold your breath

        Or eat sugar, that helps

      3. SeedlingxD


        I ended up having them for an hour and was just drinking water :( I didn’t want to eat anything in case that made me wide awake 

    10. Did you read Sea Prayer?

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      2. Archie


        Yeah same

        But like it's a 48-pg book

        I'll read it online if i find it.

      3. SeedlingxD


        Yeah I read one review which said that it apparently focused on more illustrations then it did writing, which has actually stopped me from buying it :( I just don’t think it’s worth spending my money on it.. let me know if you do find it xx

      4. Archie


        Yeah, exactly..

        Sure :))

    11. Trust me to break my USB when my portfolio deadline is next week.... Always back up your work people......always. 

      DO NOT RELY ON USB’s  🙃🙃🙃 

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      2. SeedlingxD


        I’ve attached a picture- luckily it was only the top part that bent and the storage part was fine. I actually managed to fix it yesterday at like 3am in the morning lol. I was sat there with a pair of pluckers and a knife pushing the metal back into place. I saved my work  🎉 


      3. Shawnic


        That's good. If it's just the connector part, it's fine. I know people solder their connector points back. It's good you managed to save yourself. 

        All the best for portfolio thing... (What is it btw?)

      4. SeedlingxD


        Yeah my sister was telling me to wait and take it to a repair shop, but I was just so determined at 3am to fix it myself 😂

        my portfolio is just a collection of written work which I have to do whilst on placement. so everyday, I had to write what I had learnt on placement and how it made me feel etc (known as a ‘reflection’).  This was 6 weeks worth of work which I was not willing to loose! 🤭

        Thankyou,  Ima need all the luck I can get this semester ! 😄

    12. Anyone got any good Netflix recommendations? (Nothing which has more than 4+ series as I don’t really have much time/ I get lazy.. and please, no anime recommendations 😬

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      2. SeedlingxD


        yeah I watched it alone- I started watching it with my friend but he ditched me halfway through because he wasn’t into it 😨 🤯 

      3. AJ Mysterio

        AJ Mysterio

        Wow you're friend is a sinner

      4. SeedlingxD


        Ikr tell me about it!!! He found it boring and wa alike he’d rather watch family guy 🤦🏽‍♀️ 

    13. My lock screen is a picture of me and my sisters from when we hiked up a hill (so I’m not going to post that on here) && this is my home screen: a picture I took whilst on holiday in Pakistan a few years back.
    14. iPhone 7 and I don’t intend on upgrading anytime soon..partly because I’m lazy to transfer everything from my phone