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  1. d d d d d david d d d d d david d d d d d david d d d d d david david david david the explorer 

  2. i like your profile picture 

  3. Happy birthday!! :D

  4. Congrats on becoming an adult :DD

  5. my top streak was like 850 or something...lost it recently tho. All my streaks are around 100 now
  6. That Bran and Jaime meme at the end is literally the best GoT interaction in the series. I was incredibly impressed with Sam's acting for this episode, especially in his interactions with Daenerys. I remember thinking I was watching the new How to Train your Dragon half way through the episode though Very excited for Epsisode 3...should be great
  7. Yo what's watchin GoT tn??

  8. David

    Five Senses

    Touch is the most dangerous to loose, because you could have your skin broken, or a nail put thru you, for months and never know. Imagine not knowing if what you were touching was hot or cold or physically damaging your body? Smell doesn't make much sense to give up, because like half your taste comes from smell. You're effectively giving up 2 senses for the price of one. Sight and hearing I simply couldn't imagine losing tbh. It's a whole other world; although I'd rather lose hearing between the two in our increasingly sight/tech reliant world. Taste seems to be the most practi
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  10. Bridge, rocks, waterfalls!

  11. I cant access Members Only subforum with my MotM thing

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      What up with the creepy “GRANT” emoji? 😂 lol


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      @Rosettaroses idk, just suits the post lol

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  14. OMG IM REDDDYY pot pie better be coming back