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  1. my top streak was like 850 or something...lost it recently tho. All my streaks are around 100 now
  2. That Bran and Jaime meme at the end is literally the best GoT interaction in the series. I was incredibly impressed with Sam's acting for this episode, especially in his interactions with Daenerys. I remember thinking I was watching the new How to Train your Dragon half way through the episode though Very excited for Epsisode 3...should be great
  3. Yo what's watchin GoT tn??

  4. David

    Five Senses

    Touch is the most dangerous to loose, because you could have your skin broken, or a nail put thru you, for months and never know. Imagine not knowing if what you were touching was hot or cold or physically damaging your body? Smell doesn't make much sense to give up, because like half your taste comes from smell. You're effectively giving up 2 senses for the price of one. Sight and hearing I simply couldn't imagine losing tbh. It's a whole other world; although I'd rather lose hearing between the two in our increasingly sight/tech reliant world. Taste seems to be the most practi
  5. I cant access Members Only subforum with my MotM thing

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      What up with the creepy “GRANT” emoji? 😂 lol


    3. Gramps
    4. Quack


      @Rosettaroses idk, just suits the post lol

  6. OMG IM REDDDYY pot pie better be coming back

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      nice ninja delete. :P

    2. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      Got s8 spoilers ahead




  8. You threw a party and here's what happened:

    Crashed the party: @Gramps

    Started a fight: @Emfoofoo

    Left early: @Rosettaroses

    Passed out: @Flora

    Wouldn't leave: @Blaze

    Hid in the corner: @Liberty

    Lit a bush on fire: @Chaos

    Came for the food only: @Artistical

    1. Emfoofoo


      i'm honestly not surprised that i started a fight, i got a lot of beef with you people. (jk lol)

    2. Chaos


      party rock is in the ho

      use tonight

  9. After $1200 of car maint. the issue still isn't fixed...sigh

  10. I work 40 hours a week with computers, and my daily personally use is about 6 hours according to my phone. So 14 hours a day, on week days, which is about 100% of my time awake
  11. 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, or 17th work for me this week. 18-20 are unknown
  12. until

  13. 4. The "we all killed Hannah Baker" scenes. The notion that someone is responsible for the actions of others is disgusting. The entire premise of suicide as social revenge, and emotional terrorism, is just the same. Suicide show never be used as a weapon for revenge, yet that is what this show portrays/encourages. The fact that the show caused copy cat suicides shows that it was not handled or executed appropriately for such a complex subject. 5. The fact that they ignored most of the professional psychological advice given to them, especially in actually showing the suicide itself at th
  14. Very impressed with the quality overall. I love how you integrated some old features and sections from previous newspapers. In love with the authorship quality, and the overall informative nature of the entire project. The broad subject range made it particularly interesting, and I hope to see more from the DCC statistics section in the future! Super glad that this project won't die with me. Excellent issue, much respect!
  15. Does anybody remember that time we tried making a Debate club on CPI? Would anyone be interested in trying to hold periodic debates again?

  16. Hey Cass!

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      Busy is good haha. What're you studying for?

    3. Country Gal Forever

      Country Gal Forever

      I'm working on a degree as an occupational therapy assistant. If you have no idea what that is, it's okay, not many people do, haha. 

    4. David


      Oh yeah. I remember now. I think you've told me about it before