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  1. Honestly, I am excited for everything about to come our way. I really need Ikon to comeback. But, I'm looking forward to see what Dawn and Jesse have to deliver.
  2. It's hard to just pick one of my favorite singers, but Woosung from The Rose has the prettiest voice. People should give The Rose a try.
  3. I want to just graduate from college already. I just want to get started in my field, but sadly I am just a freshman. 🙅‍♂️

    1. Liberty


      you and me both, kid

    2. Savage Rxse

      Savage Rxse

      I'm not a kid humph

    3. Shawnic


      I know this feel and empathize with you. Fortunately for me, I have to hang on for less than a year 

  4. Got a new laptop today

    1. Shawnic


      Noice. I had mine fixed lol

  5. I can't believe I slept until 3 pm. Who does that? 

    1. ROSE


      Me I do that 

  6. Quarantine doesn't really exist here where I'm from anymore but we try our hardest to stay inside as often as we can. I picked up my old hobby of recording music again.
  7. I would say lately my daily screen time is like maybe like 3 to 4 hours at most. I rarely get on my phone and I'm not a huge tv person.
  8. I've considered it many times. I decided against joining the military because of my health issues that would keep me from joining anyway.
  9. Savage Rxse


    Woah! We named our pets the same thing!
  10. Did you know a cheetah can run up to 58 mph in short bursts???? WOW fascinating!


  11. Today we went to a park and looked at waterfalls and we got to see some super cool animals. :P 

    1. Blaze


      Really? That's awesome! I bet it was beautiful. Wish I could've been there!

  12. Savage Rxse


    My ult is woosung and my ult group is either The Rose or Bursters
  13. Both but prefer korean. I don't really listen to WayV that much
  14. My favorite solo artist right now is Taemin, but it changes.