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    1. If used within reason, swearing has benefits. I feel like it can help make you appear more relatable to people.
    2. Happy Birthday GrAntman! Hope you had a good one!

      1. Grant


        Thank you!

    3. Happy Birthday, Grant!

      Did you know that 05/11/20 is the largest multiplicative persistence?

      1. Grant


        Thank you!

        I did not know that. But now I do. :P

    4. Happy Birthday Grant the ant

      1. Grant


        Thanks Kenzie!

    5. Happy birthday Grant! <3

      1. Grant


        Thank you!

    6. It's been good. Last week I spent some time setting up a plan of all the courses that I'm going to take over the next three years. It looks like a pretty full load of classes, so I'll definitely have to grind these next few semesters, but luckily I've gotten pretty used to being busy after taking 18 credits this last semester.
    7. Grant

      Jazz spotify playlist

      Welcome to the club!
    8. Hello friends. How is everyone doing these days?

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    9. With serious stuff, I've been doing a lot of school work as of late to hopefully finish the semester strong and strive for that 4.0. I've also changed majors from music education to economics and math, of which I will begin taking some courses this summer, so that has been on my mind a lot during this last month or so. With recreational things, I played a round of golf in March, which would seem to be a fairly safe activity during this pandemic as it requires everyone to be outside, several feet apart from each other (especially since I never use a golf cart when I play). Shortly after this photo was taken though, our mayor in my hometown closed the municipal golf course, so I probably won't be out there for awhile.
    10. My goals for this year: Straight A's to get my transcripts off to a good start. To perform well in my upcoming ensemble auditions later this month. To come up with a reasonable daily/weekly routine this school year in order to properly balance academic, personal, and professional activities.
    11. "Just By Myself" - Lee Morgan, City Lights (1957)
    12. Hey man, how are you? 

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      2. Shawnic


        Yeah I'm doing okay too!

        Currently on vacation?

      3. Grant


        @Shawnic Sorry for the late response! No, I've just been working full time and preparing for ensemble auditions :P What have you been up to?

      4. Shawnic


        Oh nice, sounds busy.

        I was chilling while working on a remote internship then. Now I'm working on a small web app as a project. I'm already back to college

    13. Grant

      Blue Note Records

      For those looking to explore jazz music more in depth, I recommend looking through some of the records on this Blue Note Discography. I am just beginning to explore all of these, and I am amazed how many great records came out of Blue Note during this era. I would recommend starting off with the 1500 series, as these featured some of the great bop artists of the 1950s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Note_Records_discography