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  1. I've avoided a southern accent for my whole life, I guess I should just go ahead and lean into it.

  2. For those of you who don't know, I'm an aspiring pharmacist at the moment. I've attended seminars and met with guidance counselors at my local university's college of pharmacy, and I'm set to enter the program some time in the next few years. The only real problem is money. So I've considered making the commitment to join the air force after school. They'll pay for half of pharmacy school and a monthly stipend in exchange for a three year service commitment. Has anyone else ever seriously considered joining the military in exchange for schooling? If so, did you go through with it?
  3. Everyone looking for a fun way to pass the time should head on over to the casual roleplaying section.

  4. Joyce Carol Oates is an excellent writer but a strange little person.





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  6. I'm considering starting a short-story topic where people could submit their own short stories (or sections of larger works) for peer-review by other members. Would anyone be interested? Also, someone please let me know if this already exists.

  7. Anyone else ever eat lunch in your car because you don't want to kill the guy with a peanut allergy?

  8. It's been a hot minute. How's everyone been?

  9. Hey! I'm sure we crossed paths somewhere on CPI (I joined in 2013 as well), but welcome back!
  10. If you haven't seen Star Wars by now then you must really not want to.

    1. Jazlyn


      The truth in that.