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  1. I'm all for it but I dont have headphones rn regardless, count me in for an early morning watch if I get a pair anytime soon
  2. that's vanilla icecream with strawberry compote if you want to make it sound fancy
  3. Anyone like football here? The real one?

  4. I read the OP, every reply and I upvote the ones I like.
  5. humans swimming in heaps of e-waste, lmao
  6. I was brought here by Rohan (we used to play Tanki together). CPI was still 'alive' back then but I missed the final nail in the coffin phase like you since I went inactive.
  7. if my abomination of a life counts, then technically yes /s and I too have given up on strangling snakes for a living
  8. Hey man, wassup?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Matt


      Watching videos on YouTube. Are you in college now?

    3. Serpent-Z
    4. Matt


      12th, Science. 

  9. i thought you were rocksmacker irl
  10. it's ok maybe they'll let us have french toast since they already claim the fries.
  11. time to revive this thread - almost two years since I made it. what are a few noticeable changes you've experienced in the 'foodie you' during these two years? developed any new tastes? for me, a key change has been moving away from tomato ketchup. I used to put that stuff over every other appetizer or side dish and I slowly realized it really takes over the whole flavour, making much of the uniqueness of each dish a bit redundant and making the taste of each dish converge to the taste of tomatoes (somewhat). I've learned to appreciate different dips and chutneys much
  12. aye what's up?

    1. Serpent-Z


      I was watching footie for a while. About to go sleep. wbu

    2. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      eh just wasting time on the internet