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  1. oh god i remember that terrible drawing i made you
  2. hey there. it's cool to see how many new people are joining.
  3. ok so i finnished atack on titan season 2 in a day good news bye

  4. i don't wanna say hate cause that's a strong word, but i'm not that into pop or electro songs unless they have a really really catchy tune. i would probably not enjoy listening to death metal, the kind where you don't understand anything, and it's just 'noise'. i know some people like that but that would not be pleasing to me at all. i used to listen to metal, but i didn't really get anything from it other than angriness and hate.
  5. u my crush

    1. Is It Really Necessary

      Is It Really Necessary

      ur tastes suck

      this is why dcc is a beautiful place, thank you

    2. kiba


      ik :((((((

    3. Is It Really Necessary
  6. anatomy reference for artists:

    kinda nsfw so you probably shouldn't visit the site if you are uncomfortable with naked people and such, but i find it really helpful when drawing...

  7. kiba

    Miss Me?

    sure i missed you. i've been wondering if you'd ever come back. i'm glad you did ^^
  8. i'm still kiba most of the time ever since i started using this god forsaken name. tho sometimes it's kkiibbaa cuz kiba is taken. also my real name is Oti if u want to call me that that's fine. tho after i get into a closer friendship with someone we end up calling each other all kind of things so...
  9. i've been listening to halsey's new album: hopeless fountain kingdom all day
  10. kiba

    Summer Plans

    i'm just hoping to stay at home as much as i can and finish my school work asap and finally finish dragon age inquisition and draw some more god damn.
  11. halsey new album, alt-j new album, lorde soon new album omg god bless, also two weeks of school left

    1. kiba


      also sense8 season 3 canceled so that sucks... :/

    2. Flora


      new lorde song out. also bless alt-j.

  12. im infj-t, it kinda fits me i guess... on some parts.
  13. oh great i think im getting obsessed with kpop

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    2. kiba


      lol no idk how to dance its just when im alone idk cringe...

    3. Agent P

      Agent P

      ya but still

    4. kiba


      lol no i really dont know how to

  14. mostly chemistry, cause i dont really understand it and the teacher is killing us, but weirdly, i still love her. tho i really hate my romanian teacher and the language itself...
  15. *an ad shows up*

    ad: 5 fruits men should never eat

    *a muscular man holding bananas and an apple* 

    me: lol bye

  16. when your bff's birthday is in a day and you are not done, you are just not done yet!!! 

  17. oh god i really want a drawing tablet but im just worried that i wont have enough time to use it or ill just get bored of it soon idk

    1. Is It Really Necessary

      Is It Really Necessary

      God, me too. According to the videos I've watched, it's just like drawing on a paper with a pencil, but certainly, with better results. I just don't like asking my parents for stuff.

    2. MidoriJordan


      I've been wanting to get one too but 1. Same fears and 2. Not enough money. But I'll be starting to learn photoshop soon so I guess I'll start saving up and see how it goes.

    3. kiba


      the thing is i could afford it cause i have saved up some money but still... i might need it for something else...

  18. kiba

    happy birthday :)

  19. the cruelest April's fools joke (which is not a joke): AO3 downtime