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  1. *pees cutely*

  2. on a scale of 7 to 13, how beluga are you

  3. Happy birthday abhi 

  4. NOT GOOD. I HATE LIVING AT HOME. D:< anyway glad ur back uwu
  5. Wassup P? How are you doing buddy?

    1. Agent P

      Agent P

      sorry i never saw this :P

      i'm doing alright i suppose. not rlly doing anything these days so i have nothing to say xD


    2. Shawnic


      ahaha same actually

  6. Agent P


  7. I've gotten back into osu! and i went up 64,000 ranks in 2 days lmao obsession
  8. Agent P

    Four Twenty

    how are y'all getting weed during lockdown im struggling
  9. The first couple days I did stuff like baking and painting but now I'm just trying to survive lol
  10. What's up man? How's life?

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    2. Shawnic


      Ah that must suck lol. I'm playing Minecraft the whole day so... XD


    3. Agent P

      Agent P

      @archie yeah thankfully mine ended 2 days before they postponed the rest

      @Shawn ok yeah mood i've just been on youtube all day

    4. Shawnic


      I think for a long time now, exams and stuff won't happen or matter anyways. But it's good that you finished yours, must got some psychological relief at least

  11. Happy birthday 

    1. Agent P

      Agent P

      sorry i didn't see this sksksk thank u

    2. Liberty


      you're welcome!

  12. Happy birthday, P :)

    1. Agent P

      Agent P

      sorry i didnt see this oops tysm <3