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  1. hello  😳

    1. Shawnic



      Azula 😳


  2. Yo, been a minute. What's good?

  3. I should really be active on here again ♡

  4. Happy birthday Emily!
  5. Hey, happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday!

  7. I just go by Emily, but some people just call me Em, which i dont have a problem with.
  8. Im currently just in class listening to BABYMETAL :P

  9. I'm hoping to get it, but if I can, I am going to wait until later in the year when there are more games for it.
  10. I actually watched the episode live... despite the fact that i can't speak French.


    I T W A S W O R T H S T A Y I N G U P AT 1 : 30 F O R I T.

  11. My Biology final exam is tomorrow.... TIME TO READ THE WHOLE TEXTBOOK IN ONE NIGHT.

    My whole class is screwed, none of us learned anything. We all know there is no hope. :,) never taking a college class again unless I actually get a good teacher

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    2. Grant
    3. Raylight


      gl youll need it

    4. Emfoofoo


      good luck my dude,  i know the experience of any college class tbh

  12. Why is everyone dead

    1. Shawnic


      Because they died.