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  1. If you do, what is your favorite game? Until recently, I loved Murder Mystery 2, however, due to almost never being updated and bad updates, I really stopped liking it. My favorite right now is Epic Minigames tbh
  2. Happy birthday!


  3. Haven't been on here in a while, I am going to try to be more active

  4. 3 New Pokemon have been revealed!!! Pikipek Yungoos Grubbin
  5. I got the idea for this topic because of something that happened about one hour ago. So I had this really cool survival world, with lots of diamonds and gold. Today I loaded it up and for some reason everything in my chests were gone! But that is not the problem. Since everything in my chests were gone (note that my world was fine). I only had a stone pickaxe I just crafted. I go mining for a bit and I find redstone! This was pretty exciting because I never found redstone ore before. But since I only had a stone pickaxe (you need a iron one to break redstone ore), I had no way to g
  6. Going Swimming for a bit

  7. Good Night everyone. Going to sleep

  8. Wanted to discuss the Mario Party series with everyone. One of my favorite Nintendo series. In response to the poll question, I prefer 1-8 style more. I am not saying the new style is bad either though. I actually think it gets overhated because of the change. Once you get used to it it becomes fun.
  9. School is finally over!!! :D:D