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    1. Happy 19th birthday, @Archie. Did you know that 19 is a... deficient(:() number? Deficient numbers are such that sigma(n) < 2n. Hopefully, this year for you won't be all too deficient!!

    2. Happy birthday Kass <3

    3. In PM's, yeah Mostly Agent P lol
    4. Archie

      Quarantine Foods

      I just started cooking during the lockdown too! Mac n cheese is pretty easy, doesn't require many ingredients either You could also try mug cakes if u have a microwave lol
    5. Lmao I didn't swear at all before but started to because so many people I knew on CPI did xP I still feel weird typing swear words tho
    6. You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles
    7. Happy birthday <3

    8. i love this idea, it's really cool! Great playlist too.
    9. Happy birthday, Barooj!

      happy birthday GIF

    10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

      All good children go to heaven

    11. Happy birthday Grant! <3

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        Thank you!

    12. Kenzieee happy birthday <3

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        thank you :)