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  1. Flora

    Jazz spotify playlist

    nah its pretty spicy tbf
  2. after ~70 hours I finally got Valorant :) never opening twitch ever again

  3. Flora

    Jazz spotify playlist

    You should look into Jacob Collier, Leo P, Grace Kelly, moon hooch, and TwoSaxy This is probably a bit too fusion-funk-jazz-pop than you want, but he just released this. Jazzy multiphonic boy mmm
  4. online school is like: a thousand tabs open, discord call open, game open in the background, some symphony on the second monitor, test open in one of the tabs and notes in the other 

    chaotic (???)


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    2. Candy


      im out here with all my notes open playing sims with spotify and discord on the side. my best friend is Alt+tab, switching between everything every second 

    3. Flora
    4. Flora


      I have a twitch stream in the background too, I'm trying to get a valorant key

  5. brand new whip 

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    2. Flora


      I dont tiktok dance though so donät be disappointed 

    3. Chaos



    4. Flora


      I don't really use it, I only had it so I could view the links my friends were sending me


  6. I had a fake meat burger. It wasn't bad, but I probably wouldn't eat it unless I wasn't legally allowed to eat meat again.
  7. Good games to play online? bonus points if its free! (end my boredom) Bored Over It GIF by jjjjjohn

    1. Echo


      Dominion is great if you enjoy card games! It's free online at dominion.games. I've been playing it a lot with friends this past week

  8. Hello child, how is quarantine going for you?

    1. Flora


      Online school is exhausting more so than irl school??

    2. Liberty
  9. Hey guys! Check out the updated rules :)

    1. Conan Edogawa

      Conan Edogawa

      The formalization of rules is good. No random or "unanticipated" bans.

  10. Rules: Hey guys! As you know, as part of DCC 2.0 we have had major updates to the rules. This post aims to comprehensively cover our official community rules. On swearing and cuss words We are more flexible about what words you can and cannot use publicly. We have a chat filter in place, so you don’t need to worry about which exact words you can or cannot use. If you use a word that we do not want to use here, it will get filtered and that’s okay. However No bypassing our chat filters- The chat filters we have set are pretty lenient, so please don’t bypass the chat
  11. Happy Valentine's!!!