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  2. My goals for this school year: Perform an outstanding job in my new internship Pass the CBEST exam Not go insane Complete my applications for several graduate programs Get Straight A's Graduate with my bachelor's degree
  3. For a second I was like “Wait, I don’t remember making this post.” And then I checked the username. Anyway, Congrats Reb!!!
  4. Stop stealing my identity. 

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    Deal With It

    Oh. I reached an all time low.
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    Deal With It

    Kaleb is that you in the top right corner?
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    Happy Birthdayy!

  8. @David is watching Dora the Explorer 

  9. Bridge, rocks, waterfalls!

  10. Ok, so procrastination is a big enemy of mine. If i get my life back in order I would ... - Work out more at the gym or at home - Sharpen my makeup skills (I want to become a beauty guru) - Learn how to ride a bike (I can drive a car but idk how to flippin ride a bike lol) - Read more - Take Zumba classes
  11. I always wanted to be Gary the mailman when I grow up. Haha I’m kidding lol. I was always fascinated about the medical field, so I’ve had this vision that I was going to be a doctor someday. However, things happen and new passions were developed so I decided I wanted to go into academic counseling.