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      also follow me @aakashwithdoublea thanks :)

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  2. My goals for this school year: Perform an outstanding job in my new internship Pass the CBEST exam Not go insane Complete my applications for several graduate programs Get Straight A's Graduate with my bachelor's degree
  3. For a second I was like “Wait, I don’t remember making this post.” And then I checked the username. Anyway, Congrats Reb!!!
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    Deal With It

    Oh. I reached an all time low.
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    Deal With It

    Kaleb is that you in the top right corner?
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    Happy Birthdayy!

  7. @David is watching Dora the Explorer 

  8. Bridge, rocks, waterfalls!

  9. Ok, so procrastination is a big enemy of mine. If i get my life back in order I would ... - Work out more at the gym or at home - Sharpen my makeup skills (I want to become a beauty guru) - Learn how to ride a bike (I can drive a car but idk how to flippin ride a bike lol) - Read more - Take Zumba classes
  10. I always wanted to be Gary the mailman when I grow up. Haha I’m kidding lol. I was always fascinated about the medical field, so I’ve had this vision that I was going to be a doctor someday. However, things happen and new passions were developed so I decided I wanted to go into academic counseling.

  12. Oooo look at you with that new profile pic 😏

  13. HI 👀

    1. Shawnic


      Hello! What's up?

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      Busy with school and life. :P How are your exams?

    3. Shawnic


      Exams were just three days so they ended on Wednesday. They were ok not that good.

      Yeah, same.


      Ugh. I have nothing interesting in my life. 

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    Is there someone that you look up to? What is your biggest inspiration? Life can get crazy sometimes, and there are times where we have to deal with stressful situations. How do you handle stress? Do you practice self-care? sorry if there’s a lot of questions .. @iDave
  15. Hey girl! How are you doing? How was work? 

    1. Candy


      Hey!! I'm good, thank you for asking. Been a long day, at Uni and all. Work is okay, I only go when I have breaks because I'm part of this student plan thing, yada yada. How are you, though? What have you been up to?

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      Oh okay. :) Have you started midterms already? I've been good. Yesterday I went up the mountains and played in snow lol It was a nice getaway trip. ^-^ 

  16. Hey, are you excited to graduate soon? I honestly can't believe you're graduating lol 

    1. Grant


      I am very happy to be graduating! It's been a great ride but I'm ready to move on :P

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      Are you still going to continue band in college? :P 

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    Hi Dave! So happy that you joined DCC! That's cool that you're a film student! What made you decide to study film?