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    1. Happy birthday Kass <3

    2. Happy Birthday, Rosettaroses. Did you know that 22 is the number of partitions of eight?

    3. happy birthday amiga <3

    4. So I officially graduated from college :)

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      2. Archie
      3. Echo
      4. AJ Mysterio

        AJ Mysterio

        CONGRATULATIONSSSS!!! I'm loving the wholesome stories on Instagram!

    5. Ugh.. I don't like writing chapter summaries..

    6. you are the dancing queeeeen

      dancing queeeeeeeen

      feel the beat from the tambourineeeeeee

      oh yeaaaaahhhhh

      1. Shawnic


        Disco girl

        Coming through

        That girl is you

        Oooh oooh 

        (Gravity Falls reference lel)

      2. Rosettaroses


        i love it lol

    7. @Archduke Waffle If you see this, I sent you a friend request on Instagram. 




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      2. Archduke Waffle
      3. AJ Mysterio

        AJ Mysterio


        also follow me @aakashwithdoublea thanks :)

      4. Rosettaroses


        Wow AJ why you gotta come at me like that lol 

        I sent a 'follow request' haha

    8. Happy Birthday DCC!

    9. I hope everyone has a peaceful holiday season filled with love and joy. 

      1. Teddykat


        I hope you do too!!! <3

    10. Letting you all know I'm still alive. ✌️ Been busy with college and life. 

    11. rosettaroses, good to see you online!

    12. My goals for this school year: Perform an outstanding job in my new internship Pass the CBEST exam Not go insane Complete my applications for several graduate programs Get Straight A's Graduate with my bachelor's degree
    13. It's never easy to say goodbye

      1. Gramps


        Not a goodbye, it's a see ya later friend.