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  1. Teddykat


    Y'all.... I'm not really a big fan of kpop, but recently my little sister has turned my mother into a BTS fangirl. On the TV my sister would play all their music videos and concerts and variety shows, and then my mom would literally keep screaming out their names like "JUNGKOOOK!!!" "TAEHYUNGG!!!" "SUGAAAA!!" And what's funny was that at first, she was really bad at naming them. Like she would yell JIMINNN! and my sister would be like NO THAT'S RM and my mother would be like WHAT?!? But lately she's gotten better at naming them actually.. And whenever we would watch their hilari
  2. Ohh my goodness that sounds so yummy, I should definitely try that! Lately I've been making a lot of pancakes and french toast, but I really really love the french toast. Literally all I needed to do is just beat a couple eggs and add a cup of milk, some tablespoons of sugar, and some cinnamon and vanilla extract. And then I just dunk in two slices of bread together (bc I like the bread to be thicker but then I don't have any thicc bread) and then I just fry them on both sides until they look so freaking majestic And then I'd add some syrup and powdered sugar to it to make it eVEN B
  3. Hey girl happy birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you've been doing well!! <3<3

    1. Candy


      Thank you 🥺❤️. I hope you’re doing well as well, take care! 

  4. It really blows my mind that some people actually think that COVID-19 is the 19th coronavirus

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    2. Shawnic


      Misinformation always exists. Either because someone wants to control large sections of society using fake news that purposes their agenda or simply for fun. Some people like to see the world burn. Whatever the reason, we (I'm part of teams working against COVID-19 in India) think that there are actually groups of people doing this. 


      In India, WhatsApp forwards get really crazy

    3. Teddykat


      Yeah that's a sad reality.. People really need to be more aware about this kind of stuff

    4. Chaos


      I can see the ground for the biological weapon theory but people just wanna keep hating on 5g



  5. Hi all, plz watch this video it's amazing


    1. Archie


      Lmao that was cute

  6. Member of the Month? Psh. More like Member of the year 👀

    1. Teddykat


      I'm seriously not worthy of this title anymore lol

      But man I'm gonna be glad once there's finally a new MoTM!

  7. Ahhh I'm super late but happy birthday!! :))

    1. Archie


      Thanks Teddy <3

      I'm even more late but happy birthday xP 

  8. Oh my goodness sorry I'm late but happy belated birthday!! <3

  9. I'm sorry I'm late, happy birthday Rebecca! <3 


    You're still Member of the Month lol

    1. Teddykat


      No that's fine, thank you Shawn!! 

      And yeah lol, it's been a looong month :P

  10. Oops, forgot to post on your profile! Happy birthday!

    1. Teddykat


      Haha that's okay, thank you so much!!

  11. Happy Birthday 

  12. Happy birthday!

  13. Happy birthday kaleb!!! :D


    1. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      Thanks for the fifth time <3<3 

  15. Happy birthday!! :D