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    1. I don't see the need to send out an official messaging about Covid-19 like a lot of brands are doing. Instead I will just informally say to be safe and stay in your homes if possible! The human race has survived a lot worse.

      1. Shawnic


        I agree except for the last part. I'd say this thing could be very dangerous if don't tackle it correctly

    2. You my brown eyed girl

      Do you remember when

      We used to sing?




    3. Gramps

      What song are you listening to?

      Stars Over Me - BOL4
    4. I smell like sandalwood, lavender, and pipe tobacco

      1. Archduke Waffle

        Archduke Waffle

        Did you buy shaving cream at Beall's or something?

      2. Gramps


        I do wet shaving with a safety razor and have my shaving soap imported from England. The shaving soap was sandalwood, then I hopped in the shower and used some lavender body wash. Then I went outside to read and smoke my pipe.

      3. Archduke Waffle
    5. Gramps

      Writing: Good. Nepotism. Bad.

      Pretty cool poem.
    6. So go brace for good times

      Oooh, and do what feels right

      And send me the bill when you're tired

    7. Gramps

      2020 US Elections Discussion

      I think it will eventually come down to a three way race between Bernie, Warren, and Biden. Out of these three, if Biden drops out early enough (maybe around the time of Super Tuesday?), I believe Elizabeth Warren will win. Otherwise, in the event of a three way deadlock till the end, I believe Bernie will win the nomination. The one thing that may change this is the super delegates, which may give Warren a slight edge.
    8. Gramps

      Favorite Rock/Metal Artists

      Those are good choices. I really like Strawberry Fields, Purple Haze, and Paint It Black. Some of my favorites: All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hindrix Time (Breathe Reprise) - Pink Floyd Paradise By The Dashboard Lights - Meatloaf Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden
    9. I saw Colter Wall again a few months ago! Now gearing up for festival season. Bonaroo in TN and Under The Big Sky in Montana!
    10. Gramps

      Favorite Rock/Metal Artists

      1. Yes, The Beatles count. The legacy they had on rock is insurmountable! 2. Favorite classic or prog rock tracks? 3. I've definitely heard that first Japanese track before... Sounds so familiar. Don't know why.
    11. I may be a little obsessed with Bol4.


    12. Gramps

      Boys vs. Girls

    13. Happy birthday, dude!

    14. Gramps

      Boys vs. Girls

    15. Gramps

      What song are you listening to?

      The Stable Song - Gregory Alan Isakov