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    1. Gramps

      What song are you listening to?

      Virginia - Whiskey Myers
    2. Gramps

      Boys vs. Girls

    3. Gramps

      Boys vs. Girls

      Nah, Quack was the miss. 49
    4. Gramps

      Boys vs. Girls

    5. Gramps

      Boys vs. Girls

    6. reunITED AND IT FEeLS sO gOOD

    7. Gramps

      Staff Shakeup (Volunteers Needed!)

      We do have a valid SSL cert. The not secure message is due to hard coded URLs on the board. We are working on resolving this ASAP. Thanks for your support!
    8. Gramps

      What song are you listening to?

      Vegas' Child - Evan Melada
    9. Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed some changes to the staff in the last day or two. Allow me to formally announce some big changes to the structure of the staff: 1. Retirements Both @Rosettaroses and @Grant have made the decision that, in order to best serve the ambitious changes we have planned for DCC in the coming months, they should step down and allow people with more time to commit to take their places. We thank Grant and Kass, who have both faithfully served the community for years, for everything they have done. Remember, the staff positions are volunteer roles. Grant and Kass sacrificed a lot of their personal time to this board and expected nothing in return. I could not have gotten this far without them. 2. Admins are now Directors Ever wondered how admins divide up the work? So far, it's been a very messy process. In an effort to improve this, we are making some changes to the staff structure. The admin group is going away, and in its place, we will have Directors. Each director will manage various teams and responsibilities as we work towards the goal of making DCC a fun and active community. These directors still have full access to the admin control panel. We're just getting smarter about how we manage the work. There will be three director positions. Director Of Operations: Manages the site's day to day operations. Interested in metrics such as member retainment and number of posts per month. Teams that report to this director are the Moderator team and the Community Management Team. Director of Growth: A branding and advertising expert who can harness the power of social media, targeted ad campaigns, and search engine presence in order to execute a concrete marketing strategy designed to increase the activity of DCC. Currently no groups will report to this director, but as our advertising operations grow, this may change. Director of Technology: The executor who takes the ideas of the staff and turns it into concrete results via code. Manages the DCC Developers group. Understands how to utilize UI, middleware, and backend development in order to build and deliver a product that meets all expectations. Also responsible for ensuring the security of the board via management of SSL certificates and installation of security patches. The Director of Technology position will be held by Evan. Liberty, formerly a member of the Community Management Team, is being promoted to Director of Operations. Director of Growth has yet to be named. 3. New Staff / Opportunities to Volunteer I am proud to announce the addition of @Blaze to our staff as a member of the Community Management Team. Blaze has been a frequent participant in DCC events, and brings a chipper energy to the team that I am excited to see in action. I am confident that between her and @Artistical, some fun DCC events are in store for the future. We are also seeking a new moderator to join the staff. No previous experience needed. The only requirement is a passion for making DCC a better place. If you're interested, send me a PM to start the interview process. Thank you all for your continued support. There are many more changes underway. Looking forward to sharing them all with you! Regards, Gramps
    10. Oops, forgot to post on your profile! Happy birthday!

      1. Teddykat


        Haha that's okay, thank you so much!!

    11. Gramps

      New School Year

      No longer in school, but my goal for the remainder of the financial year is to deliver quality product enhancements to my product owner, and to develop my skills such that in FY 2020 I am positioned to grow within my company.
    12. The story of Kaleb vs. Spambots continues.

      1. Matt


        Slay my dude 

      2. Quack


        they really want me to write their essays




        ...probably should ask somebody else

    13. Haven't seen you in awhile! How's it going?

      1. Freedom



      2. Freedom


        What about you??


      3. Gramps


        Doing good! Jamming out to some great music...

    14. Goodbye, Spammer Boy.

    15. Gramps

      Spam Bot Attack

      Hello everyone, I'm sure most of you have noticed the recent influx in spambots on the board. Most of these bots are Russian, and they somehow bypassed our security. Here is what we are doing about these bots... 1. All bots that made it through the registration system have now been banned. 2. A new captcha has been added to the registration page. Staff will remain vigilant in making sure this new system works. 3. Any remaining spam throughout the board will be removed in the next one or two days. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you would like to assist in battling these spam bots, please make use of the report feature to alert us when there is a problem we might not have noticed. We thank and value all of you loyal members. Warm regards, Gramps DCC Owner