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  1. I too love Poland.

    1. Archduke Waffle

      Archduke Waffle

      Know who else loved & wanted Poland? Hitler. 

  2. I finally watched Kids on the Slope and loved it :DD The soundtrack is amazing

    Thanks for recommending (like 4 years ago lol)

  3. Whoever modified the results of the poll did a poor job. We haven't even had that many unique visitors to the site in the last three days.

  4. I am s n7 vroom

  5. I am an alarm clock

  6. Hey Kaleb!

    1. Gramps


      I'm not drunk ur drunk

  7. Happy birthday Kaleb!

  8. Happy birthday Kaleb!!! 🎉🎉🎉
  9. Happy Birthday, Kaleb. Did you know that twenty six is the ONLY positive number to be directly in between a square and cube?

  10. Happy Birthday Kaleb! Have a good one! Hope you're doing okay <3 

  11. Dear DCC, This is not a post about the future of our forum, though I assure you such posts are coming in the near future. Our staff has been very busy preparing for an epic comeback the likes of which this forum has never seen. But today, we're stepping back and enjoying the Easter holiday with our families. I recognize that DCC is uniquely multicultural, and yet we have a bond that is very much like a family here as well. This DCC family transcends borders and boundaries, religion and region, color and caste. We are uniquely one, made up of many. Please join me in wishing those
  12. Happy birthday!

    vince vaughn party time GIF