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  1. Hey there, what's up? Haven't seen your user for a bit!

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    2. MidoriJordan


      I appreciate Kenzie. And I'm glad to see you're still hanging in there.

      I got into landscape photography mostly. A couple wildlife shots as well, but they were more so some nice flukes caught on camera. I don't remember what all I posted on here before, but I can share some more (just probably on a different platform. The site looks like it could use some sprucing up this spring XD). I'm basically always lurking on Discord and Instagram so feel free to reach out there if you'd like. Discord I.D. is MidoriJordan#2199 and Insta is the same as on here, even the pfp.

      I'm here if you need to talk about mental health stuff or anything really. I know I wasn't really close with anyone here on DCC or CPI even, but I've got ears to listen and a shoulder to lean on if and as you need. I'd love to catch up in a little more detail at the least.

      Btw tell Blaze I said hi if y'all are still in a call.

    3. Liberty


      Of course!

      I'd love to see some of your photography, i'll definitely reach out 

      Thank you for that, I'll definitely reach out to you.

      She says hi :P We're playing NewCP together rn

    4. Liberty


      I sent you a dm on insta