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  1. Hey there, what's up? Haven't seen your user for a bit!

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    2. Liberty


      Yeah, Kaleb renewed the site. Nice to see you on though. How have you been?

    3. MidoriJordan


      Eh... so-so. Took care of my gramps till he passed in February, had a 3 month stint with Wal-Mart, lost some friends, made some friends. Still just working to get out on my own here eventually. Got into photography more. How've you been since I last saw you online?

    4. Liberty


      Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your gramps. Sending my condolences.. 

      Losing friends can be hard, but the friendships that are worth it always stay, try to keep your head up on that...

      I am interested in hearing what kind of photography you've gotten into though..

      I've been okay.. I'm a bit on a mental health struggle bus tbh but I'll be okay lol. Just vibing and trying to stay alive. I've been doing some school..

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