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  1. Happy Birthday! Did you know that 19 is the least number of fourth powers required to sum to any number?

    1. Matt


      Thank you 

      I didn't know that 

      And I don't understand that either 

  2. Happy birthday!

    vince vaughn party time GIF

  3. HBD

    wish her happy birthday GIF

    1. Matt


      Thank you! Although I doubt it can be hardly be as awesome as you are 😤

    2. Archie


      Lol true

      What did u do tho

      With the lockdown and all

  4. Matt

    Happy birthday!

    1. Flora


      awhh thaank youuu im like half a month late but thanks

  5. Happy belated birthday! So you share your birthday with the supreme leader 🤩

    1. Shawnic


      Thanks man!

      I think you accidentally messaged me instead of Modi though. 

  6. Matt

    Happy birthday!

  7. Flora


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    2. Matt


      Same sad life

    3. Flora


      It really be like that though :( feel free to message me every so often i miss youu

    4. Matt


      Yeah I will message you on discord 

  8. @Echo The editor box (the one I'm writing this on) doesn't show below status updates when I click on replies 

    @Gramps I'm using Google Chrome. I checked on Samsung Internet and I experience the same issue there too

    1. Echo


      So on mobile when you click "replies" to a status on the home page it opens the response box in a little overlay that sometimes renders weird on smaller displays. 

      If you go to your profile and look at the individual status update do you see a "Reply to this status" box? And if so what happens when you try submitting a reply there?



      It might just be easier if you share a screenshot of what this page looks like on your phone:


    2. Matt


      The problem is I can't reply the shorter way. I have to individually visit a profile, scroll down to the status update to reply from there. 

      When I click on replies on the home page (the shorter way), the response box doesn't appear but it does on profilesScreenshot_20190822-104713_Chrome.jpg

      ^from the replies option on the home page


      ^ individually visiting a profile to reply to a status 

  9. @Echo I can't reply to status updates on phone but it works on the web version 

    1. Echo


      That's weird. What does it say or do when you try replying on your phone? And does the same thing happen when you try posting from your phone?

    2. Gramps


      Hey @Matt, which browser do you use on your phone?

  10. Happy belated birthday

  11. Matt

    Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday!

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    2. Archie


      yeah we actually might be, cause his birthday is also my best friend's birthday lmao

    3. Shawnic
    4. Matt


      Yes. My best friend's birthday is the same as yours lol

  13. My first target is to get some good internships between the semester breaks. Also, I'm trying to enroll for an exciting administrative program which I want to be a part of. Oh and not to forget, get good grades and keep my attendance high enough so they let me in for examinations lol
  14. I need your services deer

  15. Happy birthday!