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    1. Artistical


      John Nash
    2. happy birthday! 💕

      1. Archie


        Thanks Barooj! :DD

    3. happy birthday 💕

    4. Artistical


    5. Artistical

      Boys vs. Girls

    6. Artistical

      Boys vs. Girls

    7. I didn't sign up for 5 AM shifts but it's what I'm getting. It's tiring and exhausting.

    8. Throwback music day.

    9. Artistical

      Funny Chatlogs

      @Matt @Conan Edogawa @Gramps @Quack
    10. sup my dudes

      1. Teddykat


        BAROOOOOJ I'm just dreading my summer state gov't class HBUUU

      2. Artistical


        GIRL I FEEL YOU. I was taking calculus but dropped it because I couldn't handle it. NOW I'm busy with work so :(

        I hope you do great tho!!!!!!

      3. Teddykat


        Aw man I hope you're doing great at work tho!!!!!! 

        Girl last month for U.S. govt, my professor was so awesome she actually made me interested in that class but now my NEW teacher literally bores me to SLEEP lol.

    11. Artistical


    12. Artistical

      Pakistan's Independence Day

    13. sup my dudes

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      2. Shawnic
      3. Artistical


        hows goes it

      4. Shawnic


        Going good! My cousins are over.

        What about you?

    14. Artistical

      The Ultimate Debate: Coke vs. Pepsi

      Nonsense, soda is disgusting. I hate drinking soda and only drink it when there's nothing else available. I always take water with me everywhere I go, except I also hate drinking bottled water so I have to take my own lovely water bottle filled with filtered water. Drinking soda feels like I'm throwing something gross down my throat. When I do drink it, however, I drink a lot of it. I don't understand the logic behind it myself but I get addicted to it in that one day and then never drink it again until like the next time I'm forced to. I prefer Pepsi over Coke.
    15. I’m so sleep deprived 

      1. AJ Mysterio

        AJ Mysterio

        did u try sleeping

      2. Artistical


        4 hours a day and I don't know why I did this to myself