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The older guide became outdated ever since we got reactions, so here's an updated version with reactions, and everything else you need to know about community reputation on DCC! 



Community reputation, also called just reputation or rep (or likes) is the reward given to a user by his fellow members for adding something really valuable to the discussion. It can be a reward for helping others, making some quality content, even being funny, and more. 


The latest version of the forum software that we use has a feature called reactions, which I'm sure you all have noticed by now. Reactions replaced the likes feature that we used to have earlier. I'm sure I don't need to explain what reactions are, but just what they mean and imply on DCC. Currently, DCC has a total of five reactions.


  1. image.png Like 
  2. image.png Thanks
  3. image.png Haha
  4. image.png Confused
  5. image.png Sad
Currently, reactions on DCC can have either a positive value or a neutral value. A reaction with a positive value means that one reaction will add one point to the total reputation of the receiver, while one with a neutral value means that there will be no change in the receiver's total reputation after receiving that reaction. 
Like, Thanks and Haha are reactions with a positive value that grant one reputation point to the receiver. Confused and Sad are reactions with a neutral value that do not add any points to the reputation of the receiver. Please keep that in mind when you react to someone's content.



Users on DCC get a reputation title based on the amount of reputation that they have. The currently known titles are listed below: (Last one undiscovered)











1000-2999 Most Excellent, My Dude


<Let's find out>


A user's reputation title is written on their profile along with their total amount of reputation:





Reputation should always be given to those who deserve it. By giving reputation to a member, you show that you appreciate their content. However, it is also important to not go overboard with it by reacting to every post you see. 

To react to someone's post, simply hover your cursor over the image.png icon on that post. All the available reactions will show up: image.png .



Simply click the reaction that you have chosen and that's it! The Like react is on the far right, your cursor is already above it. So if you want to like the post, you just have to click, no need to hover and wait for the reaction tray to show up!

Once you've reacted to a post, the image.png button changes to image.png. Click on the little cross icon to undo the reaction, if you want to do so.

A post that has been reacted to has the image.png button next to the react button. You can click on this button to see who has reacted how to this post:


Reacting to status updates works the same way :) 



The easiest and the best way to earn reputation on DCC is to always be helpful, be nice to others and post quality content that adds value to the discussion. And also post good memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Simply asking for likes is not allowed on DCC. 

You will always be notified when you get a like (unless you're turned "Someone 'likes' something I posted" off in your Notification Settings):




Along with the reactions, we also have another new feature that concerns reputation. Yes, the leaderboard. The leaderboard on DCC keeps track of who earned the most reputation during any period of time. The leaderboard can be accessed from the navigation bar of DCC:



The default tab of the leaderboard shows 4 users who earned the most reputation during the last 30 days:



The drop-down buttons on the right side can be used to change the duration and the areas of the leaderboard:

image.png           image.png


Scroll down to get to the Popular Content section, that shows a list of content with the most reputation points during the selected duration of the leaderboard:



The Past Winners tab of the leaderboard shows the users who earned the most reputation points per day up to that day:



And the Top Members tab shows the users with the most total reputation on the forum overall:





And lastly, the "days won". We saw that the Past Leaders tab on the leaderboard shows the users who earned the most reputation per day for the last few days. Earning the most reputation on a day on DCC is called "winning a day". DCC also tracks how many total days a user has earned the most reputation on. This is shown as "Days Won" on a user's profile, and the last day that they earned the most reputation:




"So keep an eye out for helpful and deserving posts!" ~Doc, 2013.


| Here's the link to the outdated guide (now archived) |



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Hm, looks like the topic looks messed up on mobile because of the way I used columns. Guys if you're on mobile please switch to the desktop site to read the topic in it's full glory :D

6 hours ago, Teddykat said:

Wow I never noticed


1 hour ago, Archie said:

Same lol

Yeah i had an idea that a lot of people didn't know. Kaleb and I found it out by experimenting. Even some staff members didn't 😛 That's why it's in bold so no one misses that 😜

But it does make sense if you think about it.

And thanks @Echo :D

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