Snapchat Streak?

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I don't have any streaks at the moment. 

The highest I've ever gotten recently was like 15 or 20. I'm not a huge Snapchat user. :P

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I used to have a lot of streaks when it was a big thing, I guess two years ago or something. I broke all my streaks with everyone because there was this moment where it just wasn't important anymore. I only kept it with my best friend because we talk everyday anyway and it's more fun keeping it with her than with random people. I even deleted a LOT of people that I used to talk to in high school from all my social media accounts because it's like, all anyone ever wants to do is keep up with others. I'd rather have a more personal account and be dumb on it than watch what I post with so many people watching. Y'all, make social media fun - not a challenge. The number of followers you have doesn't really matter if it has no positive impact on your life.

Lol who knew thinking about streaks would make me aLL wiSE.

Everything I just said probably just goes against me creating this topic. Lol, I made it out of curiosity but then again I don't know why I wanted to know in the first place.

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54 days which is an achievement..

(I only have 6 streaks & have told my friends that if they send me a black screen saying ‘streak’ I’m breaking it off with them. I like my snaps to be meaningful and with people I genuinely want to keep in touch with but am too lazy to text )) 

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