Spy x Family

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Spy x Family is an interesting series that takes place in a world war 2 like setting. One country is still starved for war, so the main protagonist, who is a spy, attempts to infiltrate the country and live undercover. However, in order to do so he has to live a normal family life at the same time.



This spirals into him looking to adopt a child, and when he goes by the adoption center, a certain somebody notices him. This child, happens to be telepathic, ergo, she can read minds. After reading the spy's mind, she decides to want to live with him, in order to be entertained.



Later on, in his search for a wife in order to have his whole family, he meets a woman. This woman, is secretly an assassin. After a little nudging from his new daughter, the two of them end up marrying each other for cover, unbeknownst to each other.



The story continues as the couple hides their true identities from each other, and the daughter who knows everything about the two of them already, hides the fact that she's a telepath from them.

Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Action, Thriller


Overall, this manga isn't too Japanese, and I believe is a good read for anyone who just wants to be entertained without knowing of whatever the heck goes down in Japanese highschools.

Give it two chapters really. If those didn't interest you, this definitely isn't a manga for you.

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