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i,, honestly can't believe it took me three entire years to remember this site, i am very sorry gjkhgfjhdf

ANYWAY- how has everybody been doing? i mean, a lot can happen in just 3 years and yes, i read the future of dcc posts dw. me? i'm doing fine if you exclude the fact that i'm in high school and suffering through ap but that's ok! :))) sarcasm aside, i've actually been doing well lately though we are in the middle of a pandemic. i've been keeping myself busy on twitter and helping run a persona rp server on discord, and i may or may not accidentally fell into a hole known as the kpop hole more specifically bts also known as bangtan sonyeondan also known as bulletproof boyscouts also known as- 


how have you been?

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Welcome back to our withering refugee camp full of some demoralized fellas. Glad to see one of those ancients who once walked the lands with us sprout back to life.

On more personal issues, I'm happy that you're thriving during this convoluted and confusing time - it's been a mess with me for my personal issues at home and some technical issues I'm having with my game and w/ some developmental areas of improvements, pparticularily with differential equations & abstract algebra, two foundational points for higher mathematics.

I'm glad to see that you're running a RP server - when left unchecked, those can mutate into some permutation of.. distinct crimes against humanity. So be aware!

As for me, I'm learning a novel conlang - i.e, a constructed language - a totally novel language where, instead of having grammar, vocabulary, tenses, and sounds being developed through the natural tumbling and fumbling of history, we develop them through conscious planning. What's the name, you ask? Well, it's name is Solresol, and due to my current lack of energy, I'll just copy and paste my answer I previously gave to those enquiring..


Anyhow, Solresol, otherwise known as 
Langue universelle
 and then 
Langue musicale universelle
, is a purely musical language made by Jean-Francois Sudre,  a music teacher in 19th century France. He wished to transcend the rigid linguistic boundaries that divided the peoples of the world, and developed a plethora of ways that Solresol could be expressed - melody, gesture, numbers, and even colour. But enough with my initial description of Solresol - how did it start, and what is its structure? Our good friend Sudre began his effort in the early 1820s to associate the 12 notes of the Western chromatic scale(i.e, A - G and the sharps & flats in between) with existing letters and hand signals in a system that he called Telephonie. He first attempted to promote his new system for long-distance audio communication to the governments and the long-standing academic institutions at the time, and predictably enough, he did see some interest from the military. (continuing)
[1:49 PM]
However, the cacophonous blares from a military clarion(an early version of the trumpet) were only in four pitches, not the twelve his system relied on.
[1:50 PM]
Sudre spent his next two years racketing and ironing the kinks in his language, transforming his language from its early 12-pitch complexity down to a simpler hierarchy of 4 pitches.
[1:50 PM]

[1:51 PM]
Interest in the Telephonie had been rekindled by Sudre's reworking of his language, and thus two trials were held on two hilltops in December 1829, accurately conveying such heart-warming messages as "You will destroy the bridge at 6 am."
[1:52 PM]
The military officers were readily impressed by Sudre's tenacity, but in a subsequent report, they conceded that the Telephonie would be "only very rarely useful."
[1:53 PM]
Sudre continued refining and honing his musical alphabet, bragging that he could teach the very basics of the language in a mere 45 minutes.
[1:53 PM]
The problem?
[1:54 PM]
Sadly, no instrument could project such a sufficient distance in all weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, rain, etc. for the listener to clearly or accurately perceive a note.
[1:55 PM]
Struggling to find a quick solution to this glaring problem, Sudre demonstrated the Telephonie to the French Navy with an instrument hooked into air compressors to maximize volume.
[1:56 PM]
The Navy had been somewhat impressed, and he was warmly complimented. Heck, a commission recommended that he receive a 50,000 franc reward.
[1:57 PM]
A few years later, Sudre had spent twenty years and a whopping 32,000 francs on the Telephonie, but that enticing Navy reward of 50k francs never manifested itself in Sudre's pockets.
[1:59 PM]
In a fever of desperation, he demonstrated to the army a system of euphonic tuned cannons to communicate messages at earth-shattering magnitudes.
[1:59 PM]
Sadly, still no takers, and his mind began to wonder whether the military was really the best venue for his tenacious efforts.
[2:00 PM]
“While I was still working on the application of my method, either for the use of the army or for the navy, a philanthropic idea dominated my thoughts,” Sudre later recalled. “It was an idea of generalizing this method of communication and using it for all the people of Europe.”
[2:04 PM]
I have yet more to write about Sudre, his book, and his elegant and awe-inspiring effort to create a purely musical, universl language. But it is worthy of study, even in its historical format.


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Eh... it's life. Whatcha gonna do? Don't know what to say on the state of, well, anything, but it's nice to see you back.

I'm kinda excited. I have a bunch of free time now that I'm looking for a new job (though I've been thinking about doing some studying and making my own lately) and I'm waiting on a case to come in so I can start work on my first computer build. Finally something that can run games and do things without dying!

Aside from that, I suppose writing is keeping me busy while I deal with the insanity of not knowing what neurological disease I'm suffering from on a more daily basis. stupid healthcare system it's expensive fees

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Well, right now pretty much all of my classes are online. So I've been spending a lot of time at home playing video games. I just bought a new PC so I'm excited about that. It'll be here in like 2 weeks so, yay! I've been doing school work online and contemplating switching my major and my minor. Things have been a little rocky, but other than that I can say I'm doing fairly well. :)  I have good grades and I'm honestly just chillin until I can get my office set up.

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