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alright y’all. a lot of people on this forum are into kpop so let’s talk about it. there’s a lot to talk about so let’s keep it simple for now until we get more replies. Feel free to post any opinions about things happening in the industry (like the whole edawn and hyuna and cube situation, ugh) or anything really! 

but to start the conversation: Who’s your ult bias/on your ult list? Who’s your ult group?

my ult list (no order) right now goes: Jae from day6, woosu from IZ, Jeongin from Stray kids, Chan from Stray Kids, and Jin from BTS. 

of course, i have more biases in the kpop world because ya know i stan like every group to exist but these are just my ults. 

My ult groups are Stray Kids, Day6, NCT, Seventeen, BTS, and IZ. 

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45 minutes ago, Archie said:

Lol i used to be obsessed with kpop earlier

I just check out new songs now... but my fav groups are probably Red Velvet, BTS, and Day6.

i love them omg. you’re an intellectual i love day6 haha. 


38 minutes ago, Jazlyn said:

I was a K-pop Fanatic until last year.

I was highly obsessed with BTS, BlackPink, Twice,  Got7, EXO, Seventeen and a few more, I can't really remember lol.

Because of how popular BTS is I'l just say, I stanned Kim Taehyung (V) the most.

aw that’s awesome. i love those groups! 

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i did some editing to this because my ult bias changed whoops 

2 hours ago, Archie said:

Ikr, and they still are, now it's about her weight or something

K-netizens are scary

they are oh my god. the way they treat idols is terrifying. like all the things they did to hyojong and hyuna actually terrified me 

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