Beautiful picture of ice on Mars by the ESA

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I'm sure many people have seen this, but I thought I would share it anyway (better late than ever):


Korolev crater. 82 kilometres across, it is in the northern lowlands of Mars, just south of a large patch of dune-filled terrain that encircles part of the planet’s northern polar cap. Link to the ESA site


Mars Express, ESA's 15 year old orbiter, found conclusive images of ice traps on Mars earlier this year, but this image, which they also shared on their twitter, is particularly captivating. It reminds me of the giddiness and awe I felt when I saw Juno's images of Jupiter's atmosphere for the first time.

Feel free to discuss the technical aspects behind this picture (it was taken in strips over several pass-bys by the orbiter), but I would rather like to begin a discussion on what drives us here to learn and advance science.  Also, this question is geared more towards people who're currently studying in a science or science-related field, do you ever feel demotivated and want to shun science, especially when you're slogging through pages of statistical thermodynamics or quantum electrodynamics, and what do you do to prevent that?

For me, I've wanted to become a scientist or something related since I was a child. My first motivator were my dinosaur toys- imagining a whole world before humans when reptiles reigned compelled me to learn as much as I could about evolution and geology. 11 year later, I am working as hard as ever to achieve my dreams to become a physicist, but I can't help but feel demotivated at times, especially while trying to study for 10 different exams, not including finals at school. But then I open my news feed and see things like this image, or an article about the redesigning of the LHC, and I'm suddenly a kid who wants to know and explain everything that can be explained in our universe.


I tried to add some stuff to make this thread more engaging but honestly this picture is awesome I haven't stopped staring at it for days I sound like such a nerd

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