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  1. Minecraft 1.14 is lit! 

    1. Shawnic


      @Wester Updates are coming in so quickly. We're almost at 1.16 now wow

  2. Wow know I feel a lot better about my screen time
  3. What do you do to prevent eye and hand damage?
  4. Sleep

    1. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      I am high on life

      Can not

    2. - - -

      - - -

      He’s not gonna sleep until he knows he’s going to win the day and be on the leaderboard lol 

    3. AJ Mysterio

      AJ Mysterio

      That is not true lol, most night I'm on till late because I'm working on some thing or the other 😛

  5. What is you daily screen time? This includes tv, phones and everything else. Mine is around 4 to 5 hours although I am working on reducing this as much as I can.
  6. So what do you do on Minecraft? Singleplayer or multi?

  7. Welcome fellow Minecraft player!!
  8. What was that evil robot from Club Penguin called again??

  9. A picture of Earth at night as seen from the ISS.