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  1. Hello friend

    What is new in the world of Cytochrome?

    1. Gramps


      wait a second

      why do you

      why did you



  2. Hey. Are you a student or a professional? What subjects are you specialised in? 

  3. The amount of organic matter that could have been produced in the first few hundred million years of Earth history was sufficient to have produced in the present ocean a several-percent solution of organic matter. This is just about the dilution of Knorr's chicken soup, and not that different from the composition either. And chicken soup is widely known to be good for life. (Sagan)
  4. June 11th. Net Neutrality Repeal.

    Who supports Net Neutrality? We'll see in the Senate vote this week. 

    Call your reps and senators.


  5. Happy belated holi to everyone involved!

  6. I'm profoundly diappointed in Dodge's utilization of MLK's speech for selling trucks. Mangling and exploiting the profound words of King's speech for civil rights is utterly atrocious.

  7. They will find you...

  8. Happy New Year, folks! 2018! Or 11111100010! Or 1202 in base 12! Here's a fun fact: 2018 is a deficient number since the sum of its divisors(1012) is less than 2018. Let's hope this year isn't deficient for all of us!

    1. Jake1702
    2. Cytochrome


      A deficient number is defined as a number whose sum of factors is less than the number itself.

      1012 < 2018.

    3. Jake1702


      Brain: *Critical error, emergency shutdown*

  9. This might be the funniest Twitter chain I've seen.


  10.  I just took the political compass..

    personalised chart

    Huh. Wish there were a "Neutral" option on some questions, but I suppose more answers gives you a greater breadth of your political leanings.

    I also felt some questions were pretty loaded for some people.

    1. Agent P

      Agent P

      I was a lot more libertarian on the social scale and on the economic scale slightly more centrist to you but I feel like we have very similar political ideals

    2. Cytochrome


      Proud, based centrists are beneficial to society.

  11. Your style, I suppose. I like minimalism in my aesthetics, and not a multitude of colors in my style.
  12. I'm not seeing the material or aesthetic incompetence with respect to Windows 10, which looks like Windows 7 but there was a bit of cauterization and modernization here and there. And y'all should get Classic Shell, W10 search engine is atrocious. Besides Metro W8 style is atrocious and looks like it was made by a peurile man who wanted more colors. Thank you.
  13. No, seriously. Windows 8 has a back door for remotely deleting apps, you know? That's pretty conspicuously creepy, and they have made new processors defunct with Windows 7 and 8. That being said, Windows 7 is still superior in terms of privacy.