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    1. I've taken Ap Physics 2 and Ap Bio this Senior year.

    2. Jazlyn


      Toilets Need Detergent Legally L.M.V.D
    3. Jazlyn

      Hey from Thinknoodles!

      This is not Thinknoodles :<
    4. Am I the only one who can't see the notifications?


      1. Show previous comments  2 more
      2. Liberty
      3. Quack


        think that's the point

      4. Jazlyn


        I just read the update lmao.

        Im stupid.

    5. Jazlyn

      What did you have for lunch today?

      a very stale burger. I'm not even sure if it was a chicken burger.
    6. Jazlyn


      Defense Intelligence?
    7. People that snack on cherry tomatoes are psychopaths.


      1. Flora


        Those have been my favorite snack since I was able to fully chew food :0

      2. Shawnic


        They taste good plus they healthy

    8. Jazlyn


    9. I'd always wanted to be an Astronaut but someone told me that astronauts had to be at least 5'7 and then I gave up.
    10. Jazlyn

      If only there was more time in a day

      I'm pretty sure, I'd want to do something productive but I'd just end up watching netflix.
    11. Jazlyn

      Weird Hobbies

      I like watching people, and stalking them.
    12. I'd love to play the Lyre. The instrument by itself is so sophisticated and the music it makes just sounds sooo graceful. WelL, for me at least, I could fall asleep if someone played it for me. I've learnt how to play the trumpet and Handbells so far, I wouldn't say I'm particularly good with those instruments because I just started learning how to play them, roughly a year ago. I'd say I'm decent because I'm capable of reading notes and stuff. It's the co-ordination I lack. A little. The Lyre on the other hand I've heard is not necessarily difficult but it does require a lot of techniques you need to master to play it smoothly. So, anyone that can play the Lyre, has my attention in an instant.
    13. Jazlyn

      What song are you listening to?

      bum like you -Robyn
    14. Jazlyn

      Last Movie you Watched?

      Kedarnath It was..alright Hated the ending